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Tron Moses

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Jul 27, 2014
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Greetings, I'm looking to purchase the DM-4800, I originally wanted the 3200 but I know I'll outgrow that in no time. My question is, will it work with Windows 8? I see on different sites where it only mentions the xp and vista. But I've seen other places on the net where people are using it with Windows 7. Is anyone using Windows 8 with it?
Welcome. I'll assume you're referring to a scenario where the DM4800 is connected using Firewire to the PC, allowing 32 bi-directional channels. In that case, stability has been verified across the board by many users (including myself with a 3200 I will probably never outgrow) - with WINDOWS 7, the latest Tascam firewire Beta drivers, and the 'Legacy' IE1394 Microsoft driver.

From the few reports I've read, Windows 8 ('win-doze-ate), is indeed problematic because this latest version from the mad scientists in Redmond, WA excludes 'legacy' drivers known to work with the Tascam Firewire card. If I were you, I'd seriously consider NOT using Win8 until it's proven a satisfactory operating system to use in conjunction with your intended purchase.

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Thanks for responding CaptDan. I thought about my comment about the 3200 after I said it. I'm sure its great, I was actually looking at that one first. But while I have the money I better grab the 4800. I haven't bought the computer yet either so I guess I'll go with Windows 7. The computer I was looking at had 2TB, so that's what caught my attention, not really a fan of Windows 8.

Thanks Again!!
We were just discussing this subject (3200 vs 4800) recently. In fact, if you have time and haven't already done so, look through the message archives. Plenty of fun reading. :)

I concur: avoid Win8 for the time being. Win 7 (with a properly set up PC, 'known compatible' Firewire PCIe card, and appropriate drivers), your biggest issue will be learning the console and making it play nice with your DAW of choice.

Keep us posted.

Hi Tron,

Before you lash out on the PC also check the other internal components - I had issues using Gigabyte motherboards and I've read of issues with some Asus boards...... Lots of discussions here about the issues with various h/w and s/w specs.

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