Tascam DM-4800 Remote Layer and MU-1000 Problems


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Dec 24, 2012
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Hi All,

I am new to the forum. I have heard many good things about this forum.

I just bought a new Tascam DM-4800 with the IF-FW/DM MKII firewire card and MU-1000 meterbridge. I am using the DM-4800 as a control surface with Sonar X1 Producer. I am certain I have setup the drivers (5, 6, and 7) correctly in Sonar X1. Both, the Firewire and USB cables are connected.

I have 3 problems to solve.

First :
when I select the remote layer on the DM-4800, the first 8 faders work great with Sonar X1. However, when I move fader #1, for some reason, fader #9 and #17 also moves. If I move fader #2, then fader #10, and #18 moves and so on etc... I believe that the Mackie control extender drivers (6 and 7) in Sonar X1 are responding to whatever the main Mackie control driver (5) does. Please Help!

In Remote Layer on the DM-4800, the first 8 faders on the DM-4800 will repond to Sonar X1 first 8 midi tracks movement, however, the DM-4800 faders will not respond to any audio tracks in Sonar X1.

The TC counter on the MU-1000 meterbridge will not respond to any music playing. However, the meter channel peak light do respond when audio is playing. I have made sure that the USB (MTC) is connect in the DM-4800 and I selected the MTC Transmit in the Sonar X1 preference.

I will appreiate if anyone can help... Thanks

You need to setup port 5 6 and 7 as Mackie Controll and Mackie Controll Extender. Then you will gain 24 channel of remote controll. You have now one Mackie Controll selected. Wich means that one Mackie Controll in Sonar is receiving signals from the same channels...

MTC setup. Go to preferences. (Press P) Select MIDI. And MMC is probably allready selected. Now select MTC on the right port... (I forgot what port that is.)

Hope this helps. I have uploaded a document in the manuals section.... If not let me know I have one available...
Merry Christmas Muziekschuur,

Thanks for you quick response. I now have the MU-1000 working. I did not have the correct Midi and MTC output ports selected. I selected port #3 and now the MU-1000 is working. Thank you!

I am still having problems with the Remote Faders on the DM-48000. I do have port 5 selected as Mackie Control and Port 6 and Port 7 selected as Mackie Extenders. I am not sure if that's what you are saying. However, the DM-4800 is still only receiving signals from the same channel.

Can you please send me the document. I appreiate your help... Thanks!
Tascam DM-4800 Remote Settings

Machine Control Device: M MC for Sonar (ID: 01)
External Control Device: 24 MC for Sonar (ID: 01) Port (5-7) CH (01-24)

I downloaded the document you presented. I already had that document.
That document is for an older version of Sonar (4.x) I notice from that document, the port driver names (USB audio Device) are different from the ones I am using now in Sonar X1.

The port driver name that I am seeing and have selected in Sonar X1 Control Surfaces is:

Mackie Control-1: MIDIIN5(TASCAM DM-4800) MIDIIN5OUT (TASCAM DM-4800)

Mackie Control XT-1: MIDIIN6 (TASCAM DM-4800) MIDIOUT6 (TASCAM DM-4800)

Mackie Control XT-2: MIDIIN7 (TASCAM DM-4800) MIDIOUT7 (TASCAM DM-4800)

Thanks for all your help!
My documents are on an external disk wich is only on when I am in my homestudio. Wich is in my garage. And I have (I see) not uploaded the Sonar documents here..

What issues are you still seeing? It looks like you have everything setup correctly in Sonar. What have you setup in the Tascam?

The document says:
At the DM-3200’s REMOTE > EXT.CTRL screen, add two MC for SOANR devices.
Similarly, add one MC for SONAR device in the REMOTE > MACHINE. CTRL screen. It is
necessary to check the TRA radio button here in order to control SONAR’s transport functions.

But I think there was a change in the firmware wich means you select one Mackie Controll and it will load the three units in one go. But what firmware is the DM4800 at?
Something else to investigate: the DM's MIDI routing page. It could be that USB 5/6/7 isn't connected right, or there's a conflict somewhere.

I'd upload a screenshot of my setup, but since it's a DM3200, it may not apply. Perhaps somebody with a 4800/Sonar rig could provide that for the O.P.

That's pretty recent. What is selected in the remote controll screen in the Tascam?
Tascam DM-4800 Remote Settings

Machine Control Device: M MC for Sonar (ID: 01)
External Control Device: 24 MC for Sonar (ID: 01) Port (5-7) CH (01-24)
Right. All I can think of is you have not selected midi output ports in the preferences (Sonar) screen at the remote controll section. It should point to usb ports 5, 6 and 7. You are sure you clicked OK there?

(Sorry to nag, but that should be it...)....

You have the latest patches for X1?
Thanks to the follow link and instructions I found in this forum posted by Copyrun, the problem I was having is now fixed.

Go to this link,DM 3200/4800, manuals, scroll down to Tascam 4800 Sonar set up, go to page 46-47 , be sure you are in remote layer and follow instructions.

I would like to thank you for all your help. You are a special person. Thank you so much. My Tascam DM-4800 Remote Layer faders, MU-1000 Meter Unit, and IF-FW/DM Firewire card are all working fine. I now have independent control of each of the 24 faders in the Remote layer. Each fader response to Sonar X1 independently.

Thank you!

That's the stuff we made with the old forum. Happy you could get your stuff setup.

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