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Jan 17, 2013
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tascam dm3200
Good morning everyone!
I just bought the mixer tascam dm3200 with firewire card expansion, I did all the various connections with the mac and all work fine, but I would like to know how to record from an external source to logic studio on mac audio signal processed (example dm3200 eq on voice microphone ) , now the external input is recorded in pure mode, does not take any eq and not take volume fader changes.
thanx in advance
Sorry for the late post...
There are two ways to record over FW. The first way ("Pure Mode" as you put it) is how you have it setup now, where each input into the DM goes directly over the FW and into your DAW. Any changes to the signal that you make on the board (EQ, Comp., Level, Reverb, etc) only goes out the board's stereo outputs and does not effect the signal that is coming in and going directly out over the FW into your DAW.

The other way to do it is to assign each input to a buss. then record those busses. The 3200 has 16 busses and you can easily assign them using the push buttons to the left of the display labled 1-16. Just SEL the channel you want assigned to a buss, then push the button for the buss you want it assigned too. Now, go to your routing screen and select SLOT 1 outs, and assign that buss (or busses) to the FW channel output of your choice. In your DAW, assign that FW channel to the track of you choice and record away with all the DM's EQ, Comp, Gate, Rev, Echo, Delay, fader moves, etc you desire. Just remember, once it's in there, you can't change it back.

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