Tascam dp-24 Not working


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Jun 19, 2014
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Tascam dp24
I have a practically new dp-24 & for some reason it's not turning on. I thought maybe the power cord went bad but I bought a universal plug for 12v & it still didn't turn on.I've used it at home for about a year now & took it to band rehearsal a few times. I thought maybe it got fried at band rehearsal somehow or the heat got to it from it being in the trunk for about a 2 hour drive. What can I do to find out what's wrong with it?
Does it have a fuse inside?
1st thing I would do is work from the power supply in. Get a multimeter or a friend who has a multimeter and measure the voltage at the plug that goes into the DP24 if no voltage then the PSU is suspect if there is voltage it is time to move on to the unit itself. There were issues where the figure 8 mains lead was loose fitting in some units so I would check if this is fitting snugly.
There is only a block diagram showing signal flow in the manual so you might have to call Tascam for circuit diagram and they will in all likelihood ask you to send the unit back for service.

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