Tascam DP008ex

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    May 2015
    Tascam 008ex
    Please help! I am a new user of a Tascam DP 008ex but am having teething problems.

    I record 6 tracks then bounce these down to a stereo pair. This all works fine. However when I then put a vocal over one of the original 6 tracks to write over it, this vocal appears on other tracks randomly. It's not the correct version just mixed up bits of the vocal. Today this has happened not just with the song I am recording but also another totally separate song on the memory card. Unfortunately it has spilled over into the stereo pair and others so the track needs redoing all over. I did save to my PC so am hoping I can rescue these. The undo function does not appear to change the unwanted recordings.

    The card is a Transend SCHC 32gig. 300x and 45 bps

    Do you think this may be the card or am I doing something wrong?

    Thanks for taking an interest.