TASCAM DR-1OL stuck on power up screen


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Jun 5, 2023
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Hello, I have owned the TASCAM DR-10L for a little over 2 years now and it has been a great device. But it randomly started to get frozen on startup and it wont get passed the start up screen. Has anyone else experienced this issue? if so what were the ways you used to fix it. Thank you for your help!
I had a look in the manual and there doesn’t seem to be a factory reset function mentioned anywhere. There is a ”Sys ini” function to initialize settings but that requires that the unit powers on so you can access it.
I believe the OP needs to contact Tascam about this.
@BazzBass i havent been able to find a factory reset in the owners manual so i haven't tried it yet. any recommendations?
@Logrinn Thank you for the input i will try to contact them tomorrow, do you know if there is a phone number i can call.
If you want to completely return the unit to factory new, out-of-the-box condition, I would try this:

Remove the battery, and WAIT for a long period of time (I would wait at least an hour or two), to allow any battery reserve to discharge.

Then install a fresh battery, and turn the unit on. It should behave like the very first time you turned it on. You should be prompted to set the clock, etc.

This works with my Dr-40, and I would guess it will work with the DR-10L.

Worth a try!

Good luck!
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