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Jul 17, 2013
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Tascam dr-v1hd
When i record and play it back i don't get any audio come through the in-built speakers or when i play the video on my laptop. When i play it back i just get static noise not the audio i recorded.

I've tried everything but no joy. Do you have to have some certain settings to record audio. I've turned up the input on the side of the device to 6-8. Put the mic gain on low, medium and high. Input is on MIC not line.
Here are what the settings are on now as i've reset them;

Input setting

Mic gain: low
Level control: off
Low cut: off
Input select: mic
Plug in power: off
L/r swap: l-r
Input type: stereo

Rec option

Self timer: off
Pre rec: off
Auto rec mode: off
Auto rec level: -12db
White balance: auto

Rec quality

Sound format: wav 16bit
Sample rate 44.1khz
Image size: hd/0.9m

Do any of these need to be changed for the audio to come out of the in-built speakers?

Also does the device need to be plug in with a charger to record or is using batteries fine.

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