Tascam FW 1082 issues I am seeking help resolving


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Feb 18, 2013
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Tascam FW 1082
Hello everyone,
I am new to the community & hopefully I can get someone to help shed some light on an issue that I am encountering with my FW 1082. Firstly, I am using my console in HUI mode, as a control surface with Pro Tools LE 8 (for recording, mixing & editing). When I recently upgraded from a Mbox1 to Mbox2 (yeah ikr), but I ended up having to do a fresh install of Mac OS X 10.5.8. As a result, I had to reinstall the drivers & firmware for my FW 1082. Since then I have been encountering some strange issues that not only have me a bit concerned, but have me boggled as I don't know how to fix them as my manual does not goes into great detail about saving presets. So here are my issues as followed:

[*]Usually when my console is connected & is online controlling Pro Tools, the first 8 tracks (in Pro Tools) are highlighted with 8 blue "highlighted" boxes, which outline the first 8 tracks in Bank #1. And if I have a total of 12 (twelve) tracks altogether in my session, whenever I switch to Bank #2 the last 4 (four) tracks (in my session) would then be highlighted with 4 (four) blue outlined boxes & the last 4 (unused) tracks on my console would go flat (or turn down to zero). PROBLEM IS since my reinstall, 8 tracks are highlighted in BOTH BANKS. ie. In a 12 track session, the first 8 tracks are highlighted in bank #1 & 8 tracks are highlighted in bank #2. The thing that bothers me so much is I want my FW 1082 to go back to the settings I initially had since purchase, but I don't know how to reset & save those presets.

Therefore, I wanted to ask around to see if anyone have had this problem & know of a fix to restore FW 1082 to the settings I initially mentioned. Or know of any custom presets that can be programmed & saved.

& Also

[*]When I am in Midi mode or Mon mode, the bank lights are lit. ie. If I go to Bank #1, the bank light for bank 1 remains lit & vice versa whenever I go to the other banks BUT when I'm in Computer Mode (using as Pro Tools controller) the lights are not lit when I switch between the banks. If I'm not mistaken (or maybe I have had one too many drinks during session), but I believe those lights are suppose to be on. As stupid as it sounds, do these bank lights suppose to be off when in computer mode? or is something going wrong with my console? Or are there any buttons that I can press to fix this issue.

But yeah, these are the only problems that I have with my unit. I hope someone can possibly shed some light on my dilemma. Any insight would be greatly appreciated. Furthermore, I deeply apologize for being a first rounder & posting such a looooong post. lol
Nevermind the request as I have found the problem causing one the said issues.
#1. by me having the fw1082 set as machine control in Pro Tools MTC (in Peripherals settings), it activated the Midi feature in Pro Tools which changed the way my tracks were selected in when I change banks. By me setting the MTC & midi signal reader to my Mbox2, it turned off the green light (for midi) on my transport which changed my 1082 back to my desired bank settings.

#2. The bank lights are to be off when using computer monitor mode.

Thanks anyways guys. I can now rest easy on this one. Goodnight..

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