Tascam fw 1082 Mode difficulty

Oct 21, 2012
Gear owned
US 122L
I have got me a 1082 since today...fella who sold it to me whas this kind to help me out installing it. It's all working and stuff but the Banks don't seem to work in reason.
In Fl studio they are infinite untill the 100th channel.
But in Reason they only go up to the full 8 faders after that nothing anymore.

I'd realy like to know how to get this working.
Btw what's that light zooming in my headphones ?,
i also have it with my speakers connected with the tascam Us 122L.
In reason: Motorized faders - Banks don't work.
In Fl studio: Non motorized faders - Banks working

Can't figure out whats going on.

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