Tascam fw 1884 control surface in FL studio


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Dec 7, 2014
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Tascam fw 1884
I am trying to use my tascam fw 1884 as a control surface in fl studio i downloaded the most recent windows 7 drivers (1.80) from the website its not showing up on the midi selection in fl studio. i got it without the installation disc (ebay) is there something that i am missing besides a driver? i am using a HP pavilion dv6 (windows 7) home premium Thanks in advance.
I installed the most recent windows 7 driver shown on the Tascam fw 1884 driver download on the web site (driver 1.80) it is located on the top of the list of drivers
In Windows open:
Control Panel>Device Manager>IEEE 1394 Bus host controllers

If you DO NOT see: 1394 OHCI Compliant Host Controller (Legacy)
the FW1884 will not work!
The tutorial is here:
Let me know if you need some help...
my computer does not have a firewire port does that matter? i am connecting it via midi to USB. the 1394 OHCI Compliant Host Controller is not present.


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Of course it matters. The FW1884 and FW1082 are Firewire devices. As far as I can tell they cannot work as audio interfaces or control surfaces without a firewire connection to a computer running the driver. Your driver control panel state confirms that there is no connection to the device.

There are things you can make them do over MIDI alone, but those are just MIDI controller emissions. You can program the device as to what faders/rotaries send which controllers' data. Although protocols like Mackie also use MIDI events, it's a far cry from sending some MIDI controller data to a full bidirectional Surface Controller protocol.

You need a Firewire card. I don't completely agree with Deering, who says the TASCAMs just cannot work reliably with anything but a card that uses a TI chip, and running the Legacy Driver, but you are much MUCH more likely to succeed by following his recommendations to the letter. It makes little sense to get anything but a TI-based card.

There are decent SIIG cards, but read the specs as they also sell VIA chipset cards. You don't need Firewire 800 (1394b), Firewire 400 (1394a) is what the Tascams were designed for.

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My hp pavilion dv6 does have a firewire port but it does have a express card slot does anyone know of a good reliable firewire express card compatible with the tascam 1884 and my computer
@JWalker, you mean your HP doesn't have a FW port? You gotta do your own homework. Expand your knowledge base. Honestly. It's the only way to get your stuff working and be able to solve the next problems. I don't in the slightest know what your DV6 accepts, but there's this essential thing called Google that will easily put you in touch with all the necessary info, it's all there for the picking.
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