Tascam hardrive


Oct 8, 2014
Gear owned
I got a second hand 788. I used to own a brand new 788 and cd-r burner. Anyway this used one is version 2.02.

Upon powering up the unit I erased the songs that were on it . I want to make sure the HD is clean. Can I hit reformat and the 788 partitions the drive itself ? I can't tell or forgot how to tell how much HD space is avail? I seem to remember that the 788 has a 7.5 HD...I wanna make sure this particular unit has either the original drive a space or if any modifications were done to the HD. So my question is how do I reformatt the HD for dummies? I don't want to erase the current 2.02 version by accident. I do want to clear the drive of all audio but not erase any of the 788's internal (operating?) data.
Thanks Alan, I was directed to the analog forum because it's pretty much dead in the portastudio /digital section. Thank you anyway
Did you check this out, or have you already?
I did. Actually read through the manual on this also but I don't wanna mess it up and need to be sure before regretting a bad decision ...on top of that the support is just about non existent

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