Tascam Model 12 / Remote for Rec/Stop/Rewind

Thomas Dahmen

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Feb 21, 2024
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Tascam Model 12
Hello Folks

Thanks to be Confirmed as a Member of the Forum ! :)

i Have a Question:

Is it possible to Control the Full REC/Stop/Rewind Buttons somehow ?

It would be a HUGE Plus for me to Make new Takes of a Track and don’t Need to be Directly on the Mixer .
I Read that Its only possible to Punch in or Start and Stop .. but i Need to be Able to do all the Buttons with Easy steps .
I Hope you know what i mean … Or can i Put 2 Footswitches on it somehow.?
Just warnt to arm my Tracks and work Gully from another Place away from the Mixer Till the Takes Are Right :)

thank you very much in Advance !

Greetings from Cologne ,

Tommy Dahmen
Welcome @Thomas Klinteby ,
the Model 12 supports two footswitches at the same time via TRS jack, you can use a standard Tascam or another brand compatible footswitch or build your own stomp-footswitch. The table of assignable functions is on page 56 of the manual.

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