Tascam Model 24 in Linux

Discussion in 'Model 24' started by Matthew Fogel, Dec 23, 2019.

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    Nov 2019
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    I had this question come up in a youtube forum about production. Someone asked if you could use the Tascam Model 24 in Linux. I happen to have an Ubuntu Studio rig set up that I was actually using with my older interface but for kicks and giggles I spent an hour today futzing around with it to see if JACK would play nice with the Model 24. JACK sees the device as M24,0,0 and I was able to get it to work with Reaper seeing all 22 outputs and 24 inputs. In JACK I configured Sample rate of 48000, frames/period of 256, periods/buffer of 32 channels I/O of 24, 22 (suppose this would be 16/14 for the Model 16) and then in the patch bay I setup mappings to all 24 inputs and all 22 outputs in exclusive mode. In Reaper, I selected "JACK" for the soundcard and set up 24 inputs and 22 outputs. I will also report that with the Manufacturers provided drivers, it also gives full multitrack capability in Windows 10 and Mac OS. To send tracks you have created in the box to the mixer, create a new send and select the desired channel strip, then to record back the results of your analog mixing of the channel, record the inputs 23 and/or 24. To do multiple channels at a time, you can make user of the Monitor Aux 1 and 2 and the Sub Aux to mix up to 4 discrete channels at a time. (using a combination of panning and monitor selection and four TRS cables). Hope this helps!
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    Hi Matthew. Yes, this really does help. Thanks!