Tascam PortaOne play function problem


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Jun 1, 2013
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Hi all, I just picked up a portaone off ebay, the problem is that when there no tape inserted all the functions seem to work perfectly. when i put a tape in though, the record/play function doesn't work right. The speed of the right reel is slow and sometimes stops sporadically. this causes the tape to get loose inside the cassette. REW/FF work fine with a tape in though. any ideas? low voltage? belts? bad motor?

thanks for the help.
shure it's a mechanical problem.
Look the belts and replace if see any deformation.
Look the clutchs whells rubbers. If contact surface are shinning and/or polished the contact slip. The rubber must be abrasive. Clean it. Warning-caution-atention: do not use alcohol. (may be neutral soap) After, you can lubricate the whells rods whith a litle-litle-litle bit of spindle oil . Warning-caution-atention: do not sully the rubber. good luck! don't loose any screw!
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