Tascam Portastudio 414mkII - channel 1 issues

Discussion in 'TASCAM DIY Repairs and Mods' started by John Stone, Aug 1, 2017.

  1. John Stone

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    Aug 2017
    Earlier today I was monitoring on my tascam, and noticed every so often channel 1 was cutting out but would come back eventually. Soon after that, nothing appeared to be coming from channel 1 and when the tape was stopped and played again channel 1 just has a constant loud buzz no matter what I'd do, it even stayed there when the input had mic/line selected (although it did sound slightly different) - it was easily +6db without the faders being particularly high. The buzz shows up on the level meters, so I am certain it is not a problem with my headphones or phones input.

    At the moment the buzz seems to have subsided, however when I turn the monitor level up really high all that comes from the first track is a very quiet sound - almost as if the signal is just incredibly low? I tried a very basic clean, however I don't think it is that as all the other 3 tracks are completely fine. Any advice?
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    I can not say at this point and that description what the problem is but there are often bad solder joints, capacitors could be going bad after this amount of years. The unit might need to go to the technician for the correct fix.