Tascam SX 1 hard drive format and install OS


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Sep 1, 2013
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I want to use two older bigger hard drives in my LE and LE PLUS. What is the best way to format the drives (Seagate Barracuda 160 GB) and to instal the OS?
1. Swap HDD
2. Insert Boot CD
3. Boot
4. Click on Install

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Hi Redbus. Still puzzled about how to format the hd. Do I need to format the drives on a Mac computer since the SX uses this language?

Also can you tell me if I can use a SX 1 OS disk on a SX 1 LE PLUS?
The install disk will format the HD with the proprietary BEOS. I'm not sure if the SX-1 install disk will work for the LE-Plus, but I think it should be ok.
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You're going to need the proper OS disc for the model of SX-1 you have. For instance, if you install SX-1 OS on either of your models, it's going to look for the video sync card to verify that the unit is an SX-1, not find it and probably throw an error message.
Thanks for all the tips. Now I wonder if anybody can help me find an OS disk for a SX 1 LE PLUS?
What about the Antares and TC Works effects? Are they embedded in the OS disk? I read somewhere that Tascam released disks to upgrade the LE models with these effects.
Yes! If memory serves, the "plus" is the additional effects.
Thanks everybody for advise and especially RussD for sending me the OS disk for the Tascam SX 1 LE PLUS.
After I found out that the "new" old 120 Gb Seagate Barracuda hhd was a SATA and that I needed a IDE to SATA adapter (2 dollars on Ebay) I was finally able to install the new drive and the OS including formatting. So now I have almost 3 times the data available compared to the original 40 Gb hhd and that is quite a bit more comforting to know.
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Could you please give more info about your NEW storage and SATA adapter?!
The hdd I use is an older 120 GB Seagate Barracuda 7200 rpm that I salvaged from my earlier computer rebuilt. I used TB drives so the 2 120 GB SATA drives became obsolete but these work perfectly in the SX 1 LE PLUS that I am using. You can check out my post about this. Several forum members gave some good advise and I have posted pictures of the drive replacement and the IDE to SATA converter.
Hope this helps you along and if you need more info just let me know.


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