Tascman Visits The Bastudio


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Oct 2, 2012
Queens, New York
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Great to finally meet and what a great session!

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Cool! And now I'm curious about that session. Did any finished music emerge?
Yes some solid basic tracks. Will finish next weekend and will share! Drums recorded real sweet!
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Sounds nice already, even on simple laptop speakers!
Damn you did a lot of work on this! Good job Charlie, came out great. Not bad for a casual, unscripted session!
Forgot to mention, not only did the talented Tascman play the drums on this but he also came up with the title!
Hours and hours of pondering and deep soul searching to finally have that once in a lifetime moment when the skies clear, the angels sing, the mountains move, and I finally realized, "Hmmm...aaaa....um...aah...um...uh, maybe we could, you know, use...like, uh... the first four words of the song...and uh, make....uh...like the title...uh...or something....out of it.." Poetry in motion.
Yeah but it was your first 4 words! You modest bastard you :)
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Sounds big and full; drums are crisp, and I really like the bass. And all this on my 1999 Altec desktop speaks (with actual subwoofer!). If it sounds good on those - it IS good. :)

Great you guys got together to do this.

Ha! I think we have the same computer speaker setup.
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Thanks Dan. The mix is rubbish to be honest and the the song nowhere near done as I'm going to gut the electric guitar for something more creative. I wanted to show the basics that we did and my appreciation for Steve coming down!
It sounds more polished than just slap-dash, IMO.

And Steve: I found my Altec PC speakers sitting next to a dumpster in Sausalito, CA. No - I'm not a dumpster diver, but when something like that stares you in the face, you must act or forever miss out on a good deal. :)

I don't know.....There's probably a lot better stuff in the dumpsters in Sausalito CA than here in York PA. A nice pair of computer speakers is a pretty good find for a dumpster. I bet I could find a few rotting cans of crabmeat over here.
I did find my Yamaha NS-1000's on the street with a "please take" sign. I nearly crapped my pants when I saw them on the curb around the corner from my house!

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