TDIF Ports Intermittently clipping 2408


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Jan 16, 2013
Fairfield, VT USA
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DM 3200
Another day, another issue :mad:

After losing analog 1-8 yesterday. I successfully updated the firmware to 1.7.

Today, I'm getting spikes via TDIF into my 2408 mkII.
On thew motu: First the Tascam sync light flashes, then I get spikes in banks A & B.
No spikes are showing up on the buss meters on the 3200 which are feeding the 2408
Odd one. Could be any (or none) of the following:

-TDIF cable or connection
-Malfunction/wordclock error on the Motu
-Corrupt, or incomplete DM firmware install
-Something 'hanging' in the DM.

On the last issue: occassionally I experience odd behavior (freezes, etc) with Protools, normally after having used another digital editor first. Something occurs where the application or the DM loses driver connection, or doesn't release it in some strange fashiion. My solution is to reboot both DM and PC, and re-load the DAW; the issue disappears.

To refresh my memory, you're not using a DAW - is that right, or did I forget something? It would be helpful to get a better understanding of your workflow, and specifically how the DM is used in your signal chain.
I'm running 16 channels (2 x TDIF) into a motu 2408mkII 44.1/24bit
DAW is Nuendo 5.5 or Cubase 7

I tried rebooting everything multiple times, re-ran the firmware update. I'll try reloading the asio drivers, but the only time the motu inputs are spiking is when the 3200 is on.
Looks like my primary dm patch got hosed during the update. Went back to an earlier version I had backed up to the computer. Running some tests now [fingers crossed].
Could be the powersupply is failing. Wich means this behavior will return.
Muziekschuur said:
Could be the powersupply is failing. Wich means this behavior will return.
:shock: Gosh, I hope not. :(

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