The feared display lines...

Arjan P

Oct 2, 2012
Gear owned
A couple of weeks ago, unfortunately the first horizontal fixed line appeared in my DM's display :( It still is just one blue line, but before the whole thing goes haywire, how are the experiences here? Apart from getting the external display mod (that I can't find anymore) is there anything that can be done? What time path am I looking at before the display becomes unuseable? Thanks for sharing any experiences.
Cant speak to how long you've got... except to say that my display developed it's first line about three months ago, and now has 4. It's still usable.

But irritating. This board isn't even a year old, has never even been jostled, let alone moved, and lives in a highly-controlled environment. I've already heard the "well, gee, it they made it so it didn't clap out, it would cost more" excuse, but we're talking about a lousy LCD screen here: I don't think spec'ing one that wasn't crap wouldn't have raised the price of the console to unreasonable heights.

I guess I'll just plan on replacing the damn thing once a year.

There's another thread here about re-manufacturing your current screen, but that doesn't sound like a viable option for me.
How many hours do you keep your machines powered on per week? How old? My current replacement unit is, I think, over a year old now and knock on wood, no lines.
Arjan P said:
Apart from getting the external display mod (that I can't find anymore) is there anything that can be done?
External display mod:
Another solution: Get a replacement display from TASCAM.

PS. My DM4800 is now more than 5 years old and still no lines ... fortunately. But at the very moment I see the first one, I'll contact 2seemy.
I'm thinking about just buying a 2seemy card and store it away. Even if your screen isn't damaged it is cool to have that feature regardless.
I read on this forum that the 2seemy card would allow you to (via USB) show your DM window on one of your PC screens along side your DAW or whatever.

I see the website always uses the term "PC:" does anybody know if this would this work on a Mac?
Thanks everyone for the replies. I bought the board used, and expect it to be around four years old. I think on average it's on about 20 hours a week..

Thanks for the 2seemy link, Jarno, got it bookmarked now. I think though that I'd prefer replacing the board's display since I wouldn't know where to put an extra screen, and where it sits now is the most logical place. Also, I'd prefer keeping the PC screens for software display. Anyway, we'll see how it develops. It sure is a shame such a trivial issue is the major flaw of an otherwise fantastic board.

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