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Oct 2, 2012
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Thanks for the listen!. It was tracked 100% with the DM and mixed in Cubase using DM in the remote layer. I pretty much mic everything so it's always a never ending quest to learn better techniques when tracking. This is the first song where I used an acoustic drum kit which in itself was a long journey. Lots of mic purchases, tips from forum users and testing. Typically I use Superior Drummer triggered by my eKit. I am primarily a guitarist and bassist but over the last few years I've taking a strong interest in the drums. One day I hope to take proper lessons!
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Oh ok, that's interesting, I've recently managed to get my hands on a set of audix 7piece mic kits to mic my house set, first time for me as well I'm a big virtual synth user as well to some extent, the drum patch programs that come with Komplete are pretty nice as well, should you get your hand on em. I tend to find myself sampling the in house kit to different degrees from time to time but I think I'll likely start using the set live on tracks more now that the audix are into play. Using 2 SM57s on snare top and bottom, and 2 vintage tube Mics for the room. Should have some tracks coming soon. Soooo enough about me lol, what inspired the track ?
Yes my drum mics are a mix of Audix and Shure and I am quite pleased with the initial results and will continue working on improving the drum sound and technique. I ended up using 9 mics to record this acoustic kit. Inspiration for the song was the same for every song, to try to write a song better than the last one. All of these songs come from dictaphone ideas. Some are similar ideas strung together, sometimes they are whole songs. Lyrics are always last because I hate that part of the writing process...evil necessity. I work with someone else with all of my projects and he is more of the wordsmith although somehow in the end, my lyrical input is more than I realize. I need someone to start the process and I can throw ideas into the hat.

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