Thump from dm when turning off


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Nov 9, 2012
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Dm4800 msr16
Hi all

I get a big bottom end thump when I power down the dm. So have to turn off speakers before which is a hassle and surely the desk should surge that much, Is this a wiring issue.

Not an issue at all: every audio chain will make that sound if you don't turn the monitors off first (and turn them on last when powering up in the morning).
I have always had this problem ever since I have owned mine. I typically turn my monitors off first, count to 6, then turn off the DM. That 6 seconds is enough time to prevent the thump. Its not a wiring issue.
I've learned to adapt to this.
A few speaker blowing thumps will teach you.
My previous digital mixer, Panasonic DA7, did not exhibit this behavior.
Turning it off was silent, even if the monitors were at full volume.

I agree with Jim that the normal procedure for powering down is monitors first.
There must have been some magic in the DA7 and the Yamaha mixers that muted the outputs on power down.

Not a big deal, the Tascam is a great board!
Thats good to know as I thought my desk was broke or had a dodgy loom in the chain. I never had this problem with my focustite's or motu's.
My Yamaha 02R did not have the "magic." It would thump like a muthuh if you didn't turn the monitors off first. My DM3200 doesn't thump nearly as loud.

I always assumed it has something to do with how the power switch handles the juice... as to whether it is a "make-before-break" or "break-before-make" switch.

But it's just standard studio practice for the monitors to be considered LIFO devices (Last In, First Out).
I have no sequence and no thumps: power sockets of monitor amps, DM3200 and some externals are switched on and off at the same time by a single wall switch. That's supposing this is about the actual switching of the power switch (I'd have to crawl under the desk to even reach that..).
That's supposing this is about the actual switching of the power switch (I'd have to crawl under the desk to even reach that..

Aside from following the power down procedure just mentioned, I like to power up/down my DM3200 independently. Even though it's plugged into the same conditioner that my monitor amp, preamps, and other outboard are connected to - where one switch turns on everything - I still prefer to crawl behind my mix desk to hit the DM's button. I designed the desk for easy access to the 'business end' anyway.

Maybe I'm just superstitious, but I just like that extra barrier of surge protection.


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