TM-D1000 battery info?


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Nov 30, 2014
My two TM-D1000 mixers should have their batteries replaced. Could someone tell me the location and type of same? Is this battery simply for 'undo' backup, or is it important for normal use otherwise? I utilize my limited tech skills when necessary, and swapped out one of the mixer's LCD screen units from a parts donor awhile back without a problem. Would you expect that this battery replacement is something I can do myself? Thanks...
I don't have actual battery part number info, but I would assume you could do it yourself. Also, since a digital mixer basically is a computer, this battery is very likely necessary to retain important and less important start-up info for the desk (like time and date, for instance). Do replace!
Thanks for the response, Arjan P, and the info. These have been sitting for awhile, and I need to put these back into reliable service, and am concerned about leakage and related low batt. issues that you allude to. Don't know when or even if they were ever replaced. Most I've seen are pretty easily accessible, but in other stuff I have (like my Korg synths), they're quite often buried.
I still haven't been able to locate these battery specs. One of the manuals suggests you should replace the battery when the voltage drops below 2.7 volts, but, so far, that's all I've found out.

I remember when almost any manual had "Specifications" listed in the index for this kind of info. Guess those days are long gone. I also recall getting my first TM-D1000, and trying to learn it through using the not one, not two, but three different manuals: a Tutorial, a Reference manual, and an Operation manual. Still can make me crazy - but it's a good excuse...
The service manual for the TM-D1000 was made before the days of pdf.

My copy shows a CR2032 battery holder, which is the most common type of button cell you can find. Should be obvious, bottom left corner of the Main PCB. Should be simple to replace once you've got inside.
Thanks, RedBus!

For some reason, I imagined it would be something very specialized. I use this battery in an old calculator, (remember them?), a 'head light', and a The Day the Earth Stood Still Gort robot bobblehead death ray light.

I will get these units updated tut suite. Mucho appreciado. ~Lefty7
I have a TM D1000 and also have all 3 manuals. The battery is very important. To setup the effects. The battery has to be working for you to save anything to the memory. I was unable to save anything. Soon is I replaced battery all my issues with storing memory was resolved. I got the 20 year replacement battery by Sony for around 2.00 dollars. It was real easy to install. If you have any questions contact me.
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Is it possible to say where this actually is, I'm about to replacement mine too and I would love any information on where to start taking it apart to get to easiest. Any assistance would be greatly appreciate.

Thank you

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