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Nov 14, 2013
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Hi Folks

i have had my TMD-8000 about 12 years and still swear by it.I have basically used the desk as a glorified set of faders as i ran automation in Logic however I recently thought i would hook it up to an old G4 Mac Running OS 9.0.4. which i bought specifically for the desk.Two things...

Does anyone know what cable i need to hook it up to the Mac with as have tried an 8 pin mini Din to Ethernet cable (connected to the 'host' port on the 8000) which doesn't work. I got the automation software off here but it says it cant find the console when i try and boot it up any suggestions??

secondly in the instructions i have it has nothing about setting up and running the Automation so does anyone have the automation manual??

Any help would be gratefully received


Isn't it a 9 pin cable wich does RS232?

If so, you will find more info here:

If not. Could you send us an image of it? RS232 and 422 is a standard wich is still in use today for machine control. Many industrial machines are controlled by a PC connected over RS232.

There are rs232 to usb cables available.

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