TMD8000/2408 No Signal

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    Sep 2015
    Hi folks, Please forgive a complete n00b: I bought a beautiful TMD8000 without realizing it didn't have analog buss outputs. I have decades of analog audio experience and didn't expect to have to learn TDIF. Consequently I am learning TDIF as fast as I can, but the learning curve is steep. I am trying to connect the TMD8000 to a MOTU 2408 via TDIF. I've hooked the TMD8000's word clock output to the 2408's word clock input and it looks like the 2408 is locked. I've been unable to find any TDIF cables for less than $100; the $40 ones are discontinued, and the idea of spending $300 for 3-10ft cables doesn't go down well. I found a forum on which they describe how to roll your own TDIF cables (less than 20ft) by cutting up VGA video cables and reusing the 5 mini-coaxes inside. I discovered (by buying two) that VGA video cables aren't made of 5 mini-coaxes any more. So I fell back on the forum's Plan B: making an adapter from male and female DB25 connectors soldered back to back and using 10ft straight-through DB25 cable for the run. This doesn't seem to work, in that I get nothing on the 2408's LED meters and nothing going from the 2408 to the recorder. The problem is that I'm too ignorant of TDIF issues to know where to look first. Is my homebrew cable a terrible idea? Am I somehow failing to send signal to the busses? Have I set up the 2408 wrong (is that even possible)? What? Any thoughts could help -- I am stuck.
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