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    Apr 2016
    Hi all,

    I received the DP-006 for Xmas and am finally getting round to have a play around with it. I recorded a piece today using a backing track that I imported onto the device from my PC. I recorded 2 vocal tracks on top if this. Other than minor issues with some clicks etc when I stop the recordings that was all fairly simple. I then finalised that track and created a master - again all reasonably simple after playing around and getting used to it I had a track I was fairly happy with in terms of the levels etc. When I exported the track and loaded it on the computer I couldn't hear the vocal track for the song and all the timings were out...any ideas? Thanks for your help.
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    Feb 2016
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    This may all be guesswork as I only have a dp32, but if no-one else can help, have checked the dp-006 manual and it seems to have a similar export mechanism so maybe there are similar confusions.
    Transferring data in either direction for processing should only be via the export/import system using files in the WAVE directory. If you browse the SD-Card using your computer and find other wave files, these are internal work files and should not be used as they may not be time-aligned.
    Page 84 says you should export everything before connecting the USB link - maybe this causes incomplete files to be transferred.
    Page 88 also says imported files should be 16bit, 44.1kHz wave files - maybe this explains the clicking noises you heard.
    When you say you exported the track, presume you meant exported the 'master'?
    May not be much help without a real dp-006, but let us know how you get on.