Two DM3200's as a control surface

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Jan 6, 2013
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Got a question for you pros that I can't seem to find anywhere. In Cascade mode, will 2 DM3200's act as a single control surface (32 Faders) in Pro Tools and/or Logic? If yes, then I assume 2 DM4800's would make a 48 fader control surface?

Thanks in advance!

This is a great question, I'm curious as well. I just spent about several minutes trying to find a channel on YouTube that features a studio with a pair of DM-4800's. I came across it a few years ago and it answered a lot of my curiosities about the DM, but I can't seem to find it now. I want to say the studio was UK based and the owner was someone relatively well known, I'll keep looking.
No cascade needed. I can load an infinite amount of tracks in my (pretty much any) DAW, and control them all, 16 channels at a time (3200--24 CHs at a time with 4800), by sliding the currently available 16 channel faders (3200) in the remote layer to the right or left, one channel at a time using the "LOCATE" arrow buttons or 8 channels at a time using the "Bank" arrow buttons.

But, to really answer your question, I'm not sure. My guess would be no, since the remote machine control assignment page only allows for 16 (24) channels at a time. There really is nothing about the cascade feature in the owner's manual, other then to make sure you use their special cable for it.
I know about the fader bank feature, bit I want 24-32 faders available at once. I thought a little more about this and if I hook up both 3200's via USB, I should see two DM3200's in MIDI settings. In pro tools, I set up the first 2 HUI ports to the first mixer, and the second to the two remaining HUI slots. I'm just hoping the faders will be in the right order and not be copied over the two consoles.
You'll be able to set Ptools up that way. But, your DM's menu isn't so cooperative. The only HUI options available on the DM3200 are MIDI5/6. There isn't the means to exchange that for 7/8 or another choice not conflicting with the other mixer. That means Ptoolz is capable of receiving, but only one DM3200 can be sending.

That said, there MIGHT be hope - in the User Defined Layer - or maybe the MIDI control menu. I'm not savvy enough to provide the info, so once again, I have to push the Jamsire button and put in a call. :)

What say you Ernie? Can this be done or not?


But if there are 2 mixers on 2 seperate USB cables, you should see 2 devices in Audio/MIDI setup. So pro tools would see:

DM3200-1 port 5-6
DM3200-2 port 5-6

I really don't know because I've never done it. Can you confirm that Ptools designates devices as xx.xx (1)port and (2) port. If so, then maybe it is doable.

All I can say is, with an OTB setup, 16 fader banks and arrow keys work just fine for me. Apparently others - not so much.

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I was looking into a US-2400 for a control surface, but I need more pre's, so it would be awesome if I could add another 3200 to my setup and kill three or four birds with one stone :) and save a little dough in the process. DM3200's are seriously more affordable now.
You'll still be limited to one ASIO/Firewire system, however. Unless you equip the 2nd DM3200 with a different flavor of I/O, something I'm not sure works without some other challenges being overcome.)

Still, a pair of 3200s sitting pretty together are only 2nd in grandiosity to two 4800s. I mean - there's something to be said for the Large Frame Factor - a guaranteed wow-maker for your clients. :)

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I'm tracking to Mackie HDR's, but I'm mixing ITB, so once the tracks are in the computer, the 3200's will be used as faders only.

Thanks for the info man.
I have heard the call from CaptDan - so here I am. I won't get too involved in this.

Getting another machine is just not the answer - especially when we all only have 10 fingers. Banking 8 faders at a time seems ok to me. Besides, even if you had 32 faders at the ready, what about the 33rd track?

With regard to controlling Virtual Instruments PT, the User Defined Layer in combination with often unused Bus Layer in a midi mixing situation is all you need. I will give you the 32 faders. Unless you feel you must "buy something" - then please, feel free. You don't need to.

That's all I'm gonna say.
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I don't necessarily want want 32 faders. I want 24. I also wanted 8 more pre's. And since I am doing all of the music in my studio myself, I wanted everything patched in at once so I can jump from instrument to instrument. So I looked into my options and I looked my budget. A US2400 runs about $600-1000 and I've heard it's glitchy. Cheapest usable 8 channel pre is around $350 (Another 3200 gives me 16 more). The DM4800 would certainly crush this, but it's out of my price range right now. It just popped in my head that maybe 2 DM3200's is the least expensive option that would give me even more of what I was looking for. I've found one at a crazy cheap price.

I'm not just looking to buy something to have more shiny faders or because I'm too lazy to hit the bank button.

So, will PT see all 32 faders and pan pots in the correct order? Thank you.
Good luck.
Let me get this straight. I come here with a legitimate question. I'm polite. I own expensive Tascam stuff and because you guys think I'm a bonehead I get "good luck"? Are you kidding?
Hey Gary, I don't think he was being sarcastic. You do have a legitimate question but I don't think anyone here has done what you are looking to do. Your guess about 3200 5/6 1 and 3200 5/6 2 makes a good point, especially if you are only using them as mixing consoles and nothing else..referring to Dan's point about only being able to use one ASIO device at a time, but I don't know if you can do that.
Attched are the release notes. Check out page 13-14 for stuff about cascading. Not sure of it will help, but it may be a start.


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Wow. almost exactly at the same time!! I went to gearslutz also.
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I was going to say the DM4800 tick all the boxes you want, but you've already noted that....

I think if you tried connecting both DMs via USB you may get a conflict in the computer - but I would like to hear from someone who has tried it. Sorry I don't know if the cascade carries USB/MIDI info - would be good if it did.

On the DM4800 Remote 1/2/3 travels over USB 5/6/7 - I can't see anything assigned to USB 8........ Perhaps your DM3200 #2 could use USB 7 for the first 8 channels and the defined layer over USB 8 for the next 8 channels?

Wan't there a member here before the crash who had a pair of cascaded DM4800s? He would know the answer.

For more mic pres I'd be tempted to get an analog card and use some external pres with a particular flavour :)
The guy's name was Lou Stonehill. He's got a HELL of a studio setup, with a pair of cascaded 4800s. If someone knows how to get in touch with him on this question, or if he's reading this, some experienced input would be, as you would say, Brilliant.
Here's his You Tube Studio Tour. Go to 5mins in for the good stuff...
Let me get this straight. I come here with a legitimate question. I'm polite. I own expensive Tascam stuff and because you guys think I'm a bonehead I get "good luck"? Are you kidding?

And this is exactly why I stopped answering questions on this forum.

I gave you an answer previously, you clearly said this wasn't what you wanted to do or was looking for, therefore, with nothing left to offer I said "Good Luck." Not one person implied you were a "bonehead", NOT ONE. Who cares about your "expensive Tascam stuff." Are you even serious about that statement?

I have no need to tout my experience with this console, but as a person who has helped many people on this forum solve many problems, to you I say - "Good Luck." Take it how ever you want it.
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