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Oct 12, 2012
The Hague, Netherlands
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Please forgive me if this has already been answered in other topics. I searched the forum, but things aren't yet clear to me. I'm reluctant to upgrading in general when things work fine, but now I'll be moving from XP toWindows 7. Here is my setup:
- DM4800; mixer version 1.52
- FW mkII; firmware version 1.02; driver version 1.00
- TMC; version 1.51
- Cubase Studio 4; version 4.5.2
I always have the board set to 44.1 KHz
Will this run on Windows 7-64? Or are there inevitable other upgrades?

Many here are running Windows 7-64. It works great. I use Windows 7 32, and I record at 88.2KHz without problems. Your real issues are going to be making sure your version of Cubase supports a 64bit OS, as well as your 32bit VSTs. Most of the VSTs should be able to work in the 64bit environment with your DAW's 32 to 64 bit bridging capabilities. A few good SATA III hard drives are also helpful, if you use one for your OS and a different one to save all of your audio to. This way windows can run one hard drive while the other is streaming your audio at the same time. An SSD for your OS is even better.
But, as far as hardware goes,
1) Your DM 4800 doesn't care what operating software your computer is using, so no issue there.
2) Your FW mkII card will need to reload it's drivers for windows, but the 64bit version is part of them.
3) TMC will work in windows 7, 64.
4) You'll have to look into Cubase to see if the version you are running will support a 64bit OS.
Just upgraded couple of weeks ago to Windows 7 64bit. No problems at all with DM. Just downloaded latest (official) driver from TASCAM and installed. Zero issues. But remember. If your new PC doesn't have FireWire connection, you may have to buy a PCIe FireWire card. PCI cards don't behave well in many modern PC motherboards.

Also runnuing Cubase 4. 32-bit version of Cubase runs like a dream in W7/64. But you can also download 64-bit upgrade for free from Steinberg FTP site:
Before going to Win7, I'd advise you to upgrade your firmwares to the highest versions. These are:
- Mixer firmware: 1.70 (this is DM-3200, not sure if 4800 is same)
- IFFW firmware: 1.10
Not sure which one it was, but for one of them I had to upgrade using a Win XP computer.
And to be complete, the latest TMC for Windows is 1.51 and the latest IFFW driver is 1.21, but there is a newer Beta that everyone's using..
Although V1.21 was working okay with my Win7/64 PC, the latest beta is better. Less latency, more stable over the long haul with my VIA compliant interface and PT 10.

Emphasis again on PCI firewire card; not all are created equal; many (particularly certain Texas Instruments chips) are completely problematic with the DM drivers. And cost is not necessarily equal to performance. I'm using a $9 dual port VIA card; haven't had a single issue with it in four years.


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