Upgrading...The Saga of The Good, The Bad and The Ugly


Mar 12, 2014
New York City
Gear owned
Tascam DM-3200
The last several weeks have been insane for me -- everything from an inhuman amount of work in my law practice to dealing with the suicide of a dear friend and client -- all the while trying to doing studio upgrades and dealing with contractors. My partner and I have been stalling off having some important new clients coming in because of various snags, delays, yada-yada.

However, as promised for Jamshire, here's a picture of the Whisper Room:Bird Eye View1.jpg

Also captured in the photo of course is the Argosy desk -- a pleasure to sit behind and work. I'll post some pictures of the desk under assembly. BTW, while I think the Argosy was a great purchase, it is a bit of a bear to assemble -- not Argosy's fault (for the most part) -- it's just the nature of the beast. It came in 18 boxes. Despite this, I heartily recommend anyone with a DM to get this desk. I've had Omnirax and Middle Atlantic workstations as well. The Argosy is just in a different class. Having your outboard angled at the same position as your mixer is very reminiscent of working behind an SSL or other large-frame mixer. Plus being able to access the wiring behind the mixer or the outboard by lifting the lids of the monitor/meter bridge is really smart.

I picked up the IF-FW/DM MkII Fire Wire card today from B&H which we plan to install tomorrow (hopefully without any hiccups). And then I've got a session to play acoustic guitar on a hip-hop track afterward, which should be interesting. We'll likely track the guitar through the Aurora 8, though if time permits, afterward I'll muck around tracking some bass riffs through the Fire Wire card to practice.

Wednesday we have a studio designer coming in for a consultation.

OK, now I have to repair my Windows 7 partition. Thankfully my XP partition is working fine.
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