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Jan 26, 2013
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I took the plunge and purchased a DP-32SD. This will be my 3rd Tascam machine. I bought the original 2488 and a few years later, I bought a 2488neo. I'm very psyched to get the dp-32. The change in the overall appearance is a plus. The color LCD screen and setup will add some fun. I've been looking at green or grey LCD screens for years with the 2488s. My fingers are crossed that the reliability with the dp-32 is much improved over the hard drive machines. I can't say the 2488s were without problems. I bought the SD machine (no CD burner) because it's so easy to transfer files to my Mac and tweak things with GarageBand. My thought is 'no moving parts' should rule out any mechanical issues. I was going to get a dp-24, but for $50USD more, I figured what the hell .... Might as well get a few more tracks, especially now knowing the stereo paired tracks 9-36 can be selected as stereo or mono.
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I just ordered one of these too and wonder if not having the CD drive will affect usability? Also, is this an official TASCAM version or something only offered by MF?

BTW, its the crazy deal of the day today at $399. !!!
You're kidding me ..... $399 for the DP-32SD? I'm not sure if it's a MF only machine or not. Since the CD is only used to burn songs and create backups, I plan on using my Mac for that. It's much more efficient. My concern was having the correct manual for the SD . The sales guy at MF said it would be correct. We'll see..... I've got 45 days to try it.
I just checked with MF and the sales person said they are exclusive to MF without the CD drive. He also told me their price for the dp-32sd was still $549 and $599 with the CD, but they do not have any in stock. If I do realize any drawback without having the CD burner, I'll ship it back and get one with the burner. The sales guy said the SD card configuration is pretty intuitive as far as how it stores separate tracks and completed masters. If not in the manual and difficult to figure out ... Back it goes. I should have it by Wed of next week and will let you what's in the box.
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Thanks for the info. If its a MF only deal, my concern would be resale AND that there is a CD button on front that does nothing. They said the front does not have an empty bay, that it was made to not have one.

The funny thing is I have been researching these for a few weeks and yesterday had Amazon overnight a DP-24 $499+$16sh which is sitting here unopened. Then I saw the MF deal so I ordered that. Can't decide which one to keep. The 32 will be here mid week. I may just keep the 24 and cancel the MF order, even though I know I will never use the drive...

I'm just imagining trying to ebay one in 3-4 years without a CD drive...

I'm pretty sure you can get a retroactive price match on the $399.
Click on the stupid deal of the day for 3/1
Top-L, you were right. $399 Stupid Deal of the Day. I just got off the phone with MF and was credited $150. For $399, I won't miss the CD burner! A sincere thanks to you for bringing it to my attention.
Glad it worked out for you! I am going to wait for the 32 and send back the unopened 24.

I thought they were virtually identical except for track count, but the 32 allows you to designate tracks as stereo or mono which is something I would use. I'm almost positive I would never use the CD burner, and files from my computer will be loaded through usb.
ordered one yesterday (stupid deal of the day) confused re the cd drive ,
in the email I received for stupid deal of the day and on the website it clearly states cd burner as one of the features for the DP-32SD
I think they have the same features listed because they didn't feel the need to change the description. I'm hoping that the user's manual is updated to the dp-32sd and not still the CD version (dp-32). If not, it's not a big deal, but it would be nice if they matched.
curious to see if it will still have the cd button on the panel
I guess this model is because Tascam has bunch of 32 chassis that they need to move, so they built them without drive. Guess cd button still there. Guessing no special manual.
I ordered one of these saterday night, stupid deal of the day Musicians Friend... The pictures of the dp-32sd model show no cd-rom OR midi jacks on the back... The specs state that it does have midi and the MF salesguy said he checked and it does,,, But then the specs also say it has a cd-rom which it clearly doesn't... Guess I will see when it arrives, or if yalls come sooner please post your findings..... it wont be of much use to me without midi sync capabilities as all my edits are based on beats and measures as well as syncing sequencers and such... Hope I dont have to pay shipping to send it back and exchange it for a DP-24 if it indeed does not have midi ....
rather misleading on Musicians Friend , listing specs unit does not have .
looked at pics of back panel on site , could have sworn on Saturday when i looked it showed midi jacks pic now shows without ,

from pic on panel on site it seems the cd button is replaced with rec safe button from what I can tell from pics,
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I guess I'll hold the unopened 24 for a while. I need midi capability too.

When I spoke to rep before order, he said only difference was no CD. ..
I should have called in, serves me right for ordering online. hope there are no more surprises , looking forward to getting
I had ordered the DP-24 and found out the stereo tracks could not be panned separately. So I returned it and bought the DP-32... waiting for it.

I know I can't pan the stereo tracks separately on the DP-32 but at least I can make them all mono tracks though it only gives me 20 tracks instead of 32... I wish Tascam would have made the stereo tracks two mono tracks with separate controls. And maybe an option to keep them stereo with separate panning controls and EQ. 98 per cent of the tracks I record are mono and I like being able to dial in the send effects, EQ and panning for each track.
From MF:


This email is to inform you that our warehouse has checked our stock of the item in question and unfortunately it does not have a MIDI jack. I apologize for the inconvenience and if you give us a call we would be happy to help find a replacement item for you.

Please feel free to contact us if you have any other questions or concerns, or if you are not completely satisfied with the service you have received from us today. We appreciate your feedback.

We appreciate you choosing Musician's Friend. Have a great day!

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I cancelled the order and will be keeping the DP-24.
I had ordered the DP-24 and found out the stereo tracks could not be panned separately.

What do you mean? Can't be panned separately? The pan applies globally to every stereo track?

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