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Nov 3, 2014
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us 1200

i am recording drums and have to set the preamps on the tascam to their minimum if i don t have to have clipping in my Daw while recording. The software mixer has no effect on recording levels. Is this normal or a bug? Even the sm57 on the snare has a very high volume with the preamps on minimum.

winxows 7 64 bit
sonar x3
core 2 duo
4 gb ram
Hi, add me to the list.
I've have the same issue on the US 1200, the volume meters in the control panel have no effect. The stereo Mix works correctly but not the Multi Track Mode. To me this seems like a software problem after spending much time on it. If anybody has the US 1800, the software seems the same. Does anybody have this issue on that similar device? Are you able to adjust the volume through the software to avoid clipping?

It's seems like a minor software update would make the device perfect. They released a update for it restarting the computer. Fixed that problem. Can this be addressed?

Windows 8.1
6 gb ram

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