US 122MII Windows 7 Clicking issues


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Aug 28, 2013
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Us 122mkii
Hi all, i'm new to the forum but i've been looking around the internet for at least 48 hours constantly trying to figure out what's going on here.

So, i've got an issue when i'm recording with my Tascam US 122MII using Windows 7, I get random clicks/beeps in the middle of my recordings which don't seem to be related to anything environment wise.

I've updated the driver to the latest driver on the tascam site and also updated the firmware to 4.03

Also, after 30 minutes or so the tascam starts distorting sound, then totally stops recording (power still works as able to hear through speakers. But the only way to get rid of this is by unplugging the usb and reconnecting. Which is a pain when you're in the middle of recording a track !

Any help would be VERY MUCH appreciated.


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I have exactly the same problem. The sound starts distorting after a while. I'm also using windows 7.
Can you please check if it helps if you lower the latency settings in the control Tascam control panel?
With my setup it works fine on "low" but if I put the latency on "lowest" this problem occurs.
Do you use a 64bit driver/system?
One thing I haven't tried is updating the firmware.
Google told me there are many more people having problems with the US-122MKII and win7/64bit... Blue screens, messed up sound, etc...
It's up to tascam to come up with a solution.

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