US-144 MKII and Windows 8.1 issue (not the BSOD issue)


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Nov 16, 2014
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Hey guys, yet another random googler here. :)

I have an US-144 MKII and it used to work perfectly until I have upgraded to Windows 8.1. Since then, I have an extremely irritating issue in which the audio starts crackling and the latency increases up to the point it (sometimes) stabilizes and keeps a latency of more than half a second.

It happens pretty much like this: I fire up two or more of the DAWs I work on (usually FL Studio and Machine 2.0) and set both to use the US-144 MKII ASIO driver. I un-plug and re-plug the USB cable behind the interface and start playing some stuff in one of them. After that, I just need to switch a few times between the two applications until the issue starts appearing up to the point the sound is pure noise.

That happens also with only one ASIO instance (has happened during the tone-test in Ableton Live, for example). It DOESN'T happens if I'm just using it as the Windows default sound output. (with no ASIO instance open at all)

There is a video below on what happens:

The driver I'm using right now is the 2.5brc2. I got this from the Tascam technical support, but they never replied again. (they told me to reach Tascam mexico that would be supporting Brazil, but they don't do any technical support at all)

Anyone knows about this issue and how to solve that? I'm almost buying another audio interface. :(
Hi danodic. Did you ever get your issue above worked out? I have a similar issue using a US-144 MKII with WIN 7. My audio sounds awesome, but it is delayed by 1/2-3/4 sec. Great for live recordings of gigs, but not so much for recording individual tracks. It used to work great with Vista. I've loaded the latest drivers and firmware on the Tascam site. Any thoughts?

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