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Feb 10, 2015
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US 16x08
I have just ordered one of these units but reading some comments about it I am now worried that I might have made a mistake.

It is due in the next couple of days but I can send it back for a refund if unopened. The question is should I?
This was delivered last week and have had a horrendous time getting it working. The information for an amateur in the User Manual is not good and trying to get some help is impossible.

I am still trying daily to get it functioning. The main problem that I have now is that, if wanting to watch a YouTube video on my computer I cannot get it to route audio through the Tascam and to the monitors. Same applies to any audio (MP3 etc). This is a great 'no no' for me. If anyone comes up with a solution please let me know.

It is recording and playing back OK in my DAW.
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I sent mine back and will go with a combination of the Yamaha AG06 and Yamaha MG10. Tascam might be good but just like Zoom they fail When they try to make multi-use products.
Mine is working great with DAW applications in Win8.1X64

I don't use it for iTunes or youtube though
Before upgrading to the Tascam I was using e Behringer mixer which did allow me to do this. I upgraded because the Behringer mixed down to two tracks.

No doubt I can live with this but it is annoying especially as I only have one computer which runs my DAW via the Tascam and other music such as YouTube videos as well. I have had to hook up some more powered speakers going from the headphone socket on the computer and have to change the default each time in the Windows Control Panel. Annoying to say the least especially when a friend with a recording studio runs everything through the one control surface.
I picked up a Samson C-Control. I run PC sounds to one input from the onboard sound. Another from a pair out of the 16x08.

This lets me have all of the sound, or single sources thru a selectable set of speakers. Even an out for a switchable sub.

Check em out

I assume that your PC is running your DAW so how do you get the sound from the DAW and the PC (YouTube etc.). This is my problem. To hear my DAW I have to set the Windows Control Panel as the Tascam as the default. To hear music from the PC I have to set the PC soundcard as the default.
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Which DAW application are you using?

If you select ASIO drivers in the DAW config, then the 16x08 will be available regardless of settings for Windows sound. You will also get a huge performance boost over using MME or whatever.
Studio One. The driver for the Tascam is an ASIO driver but will not playback audio files from the PC like YouTube.
That was my original point - I have no problems, but I don't use my DAW interface for youtube or other entertainment applications. MY 16x08 is used exclusively for the DAW and related applications.

Generic entertainment applications use the onboard/motherboard provided sound system.

I have never had good experience letting entertainment apps share my production hardware.
Just found out it is nothing to do with the Tascam but a browser problem. My browser - Chrome - will not play YouTube audio but when I change to another browser - Explorer or Firefox - everything is OK. Now I just need to sort out Chrome.

I hope this helps anyone else experiencing these problems.

It is always something simple.
Excellent! You got it working the way you want :)
I am new to Tascam forum and to audio too...
This is my question: I'm planning to record a live demo for my band, and I bought a US-16x08.
I'going to send all instruments into my 16 channel mixer that has 16 direct outs. Than I want to send the signals from direc outs of the mixer to the 16x08 to record everything on different tracks. Shall I necessarely use (for inputs 1 to 8) balanced cables or may I use unbalanced ones?
Many thanks for your reply, an sorry if my question is stupid!
Hi Riccardo, and welcome. Could you please not place the same message in three existing and somewhat unrelated topics in the future? A new topic with a related title (like "US-16x08: (un)balanced cables?") saves everyone some time and effort. Hope you find the help you need!
Thank you very much, and sorry for posting multiple message... I am new to any forums to!
I got the reply.
hi everybody!
I have a question for you.
My new Tascam US16x08 (firmware 2.0) has issues in sending clock and midi notes to Elektron Octatrack.

It is happening with Ableton Live on a Macbook Pro (OS X El Capitan).

I send clock to the Octatrack and midi notes to other devices through Octatrack but notes are not played and clock oscillates in a terrible way.

When I exclude Octatrack from my midi chain, everything works properly.

My old M-Audio Firewire 410 didn't have this issue, neither my newer Roland UA-22.

Is anybody aware of this issue?

If not, I fear I have immediately to give my US16x08 back and change.

Thank you.
If it's not too late, get your money back. I ended up replacing my 16x08 with a UMC 1820. I'm much happier now.

No telling when TASCAM will end up on the Gibson chopping block anyway

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