Us20x20 no audio on windows 10. only analog on mac

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    May 2019
    after seeing the glowing reviews on these interfaces i bought one.
    i set it to audio interface mode
    on windows 10 there's no audio at all except via the headphone socket. i've got both analog and coaxial digital plugged into an amp and switching between the two. nothing my windows 10 sound is sait to "speakers (us-20x20)" it works as midi but not as a sound card. I haven't yet tried it as a mixed or mic preamp. the manual has no flow and gives no intstruction of how you use the settings. it's not intuative. the formware is version 2 i've looked on the output setting what's the computer 1-20 nonsense? nothing in the manual. I spend this much for an audio interface i expect the damned thing to work and with decent documentation. on the mac irt works on analog but nothing on digital.