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Mar 5, 2021
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I have a DR-07X (v1.11.0057) and attempting to connect to my Macbook Pro running Big Sur. I've had it working in the past but lately it isn't recognized. A few notes:

1) I've tried 10 different USB cords including one that was for my Western Digital hard drive (ensuring that it supported data transfer). No dice.
2) My Macbook Pro has USB-C ports, so I'm running it through an adapter.
3) I have replaced batteries in my Tascam unit as I've seen in some posts that it didn't have "enough" power
3) Connecting with "SD Card Reader" does not display a drive in Finder as it previously did
4) Connecting with "Audio I/F" does not make the Tascam visible with sound input config.

Any guidance on how to overcome this would be appreciated!
Well the biggest mistake most people make is the plug it in whist it is turned on. You must connect to the computer, and then power up the unit.
Thanks for the suggestion. Tried that as well. Unfortunately did not help.
@JBKanon, did you eventually figure this out?? I have the exact same situation and all the above steps didn't work for me either. Firmware 1.06, DR40X, Mac, verified that it is a data cable, etc.

Thx in advance.
Hello, any progress on this issue? I also have the same where my DR-07x can't be found.

- Checked both in windows 10 & 11, mac os Monterey.
- Changed between different SD Cards
- Changed cables
- Tried the firmware update under TASCAM website 1.14 0065 (although this is my current version)
- Tried to downgrade the firmware to 1.113 but it gave an error.

I use an external SD Card reader to transfer files, but anything with USB connection, either Card Reader or Audio I/F is not working.

As @JBKanon mentioned Tascam DR Series is nowhere to be found on audio output.

Any help?
Mac Catalina won't mount Portacapture 8 as a drive. You need to remove the SD and use a card reader for your MacBook Pro.
I’m chasing a similar problem in part on Portacapture X8 on an iMac running OSX Sonoma.
My problem is that I cannot seem to play an audio file already recorded on the PCX8 to the Mac over USB.

Some observations I’ve made in trying to resolve.

You must ensure the sample and bit rate are the same at the computer as on the Tascam device manually. There’s no auto handshaking. If they don’t match the recording won’t work. I ve noticed a FS mismatch warning message pops up on the Tascam.

It strange on Sonoma that the Audio / Midi app on the Mac which uses coreaudio (in place of ASIO on a PC) does not give me a 16bit / 44.1 option. I only get 24 and 32 bit options. No idea why this is. It’s the first time I’ve observed this is missing.

Mac OS from Catalina through to current Sonoma has experienced a number of odd audio compatibility issues. So researching this for your specific OS may yield clues to aid resolution.

I also noticed when examining the SD card format which is made on the device is more compatible with Windows than Mac. On the PCX8 it formats the SD card as ExFat but uses a MBR partition in NTFS format.

Now macs can read from NTFS but not write without additional specialist software.
I also notice when audio files are created on the sd card each file gets an accompanying file described as a Mac binary also. I’ve no idea what this file does or how it’s used but it seems to indicate it’s needed for Mac users. But despite this format i appear to be able to read and write files to this card via USB or by putting it directly in the Mac via a micro SD Card Adapter which is a lot quicker than using the USB 2 480mps speed.

I’m not convinced my issue is cable related as I can pass audio to the Mac via USB when the device is in record mode. But I can’t pass the audio after the recording is complete ie when browsing and playing back files on the device.

No idea if these observations assist anyone it getting to the bottom of their USB connection issues, but the Tascam devices do, at the technical level, seem more aligned with Windows than Macs. Creates a few questions in my mind.

If anyone is able or has been able to play back a recorded file from their device to their Mac via usb it would be useful to know.


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