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Oct 14, 2014
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I am having trouble getting internal effects to work on my recorder. I looked in the manual several times and I haven't gotten any answers. Can anyone out there give me some advice?
Same here Dr. Ripp, These Digital recorder manuals are hard to follow and skip around trying to follow the instructions... They fall short on SIMPLICITY !! I have the DP32 should there be any geeks that care to guide us through the quagmire of endless internal effects problems...Thanks anyone!
I have posted questions about effects too and have gotten no replies. Apparently no one knows how they work! :)
I think I am going to change my mind on ordering one of the DP 32's. There has been many posts relating to effects issues. I hope this works out for all of you out there. Please keep us posted .

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Press Effect button. Turn on effect (F4). Use cursor buttons and jog wheel to move around to set your effect. Turn all parameters to about 12 o'clock to start, tweak later. Turn return up to at least 100.

Press mixer button. Select the track you want to send the effect to. Use cursor button and go to send. Default is off. Use jog wheel to choose pre or post. Crank send effect knob to at least 100. Crank send master knob to at least 100.

The internal effects work only for EFF 1. EFF 2 is for an external effect. Can use only one effect at a time.

That should do it.
Don't give up! I figured it out. I'll post details later. The manual is just a bit short on details for newbies. The machine is great otherwise!
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I don't have specific instructions as per above, but flogging my way through the DP32 without much manual-flipping when I got it had all the basic stuff working fine...including effects. To "RPK" above, I would be REALLY surprised if this is anything more than just folks having trouble figuring out something (for some reason) which isn't all THAT difficult. However, like a lot of things, once you get past the getting acquainted period and the lights come on, it's pretty simple. Actually, because of the (relative) simplicity of the effects implementation of the DP24/32, I was able to figure out bouncing with effects to expand their usefulness. All these machines (and software DAWs as well) have their own specific "workflow", rather than following a single "standard", so getting settled is time well-spent early on.

Thank You, Roundhill, Mike C. and Havlicek for responding. I managed to HIRE someone over to figure the DP 32 out and found my problem was in the assigning portion of the proper steps in getting the effects to work.. MUST BE DONE...After doing that every thing fell into place.. Another problem was with the SC Card. The card that came with the DP 32 would NOT work...After buying a new card I was able to lay down some tracks... RPK this thing works great so buy one!
Don't be afraid to ask questions, That's how we learn
Thanks Everyone...Lee Walker
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I just love a happy ending Lee :) I was pretty sure you'd figure it out and really, now you can get down to business, so it's worth a little head-scratching...CONGRATS!
the instruction manual is stuff of horror movies.
I gave up on the manual after a short time and will list what has worked for me so far.

internal effects ....
1 choose your effect under effect
2 select your track and go to MIXER
3 on send 1 choose pre or post then crank the send and master to 100 to start.
4 use the send 1 knobs and fader to tweak your wet and dry mix.

it seems that you can apply this to multiple tracks at once with a single effect type.
with all faders down, the send result remains full strength at the final.

External effects.
I'm sure you have played with a few gateway drugs like effects pedals prior to getting this shipment of uncut coke AKA the DP-32 ...

1 plug your effect, or effect CHAIN between either send and any input(s) of your choosing.
2 in your source track under MIXER, set the send to PRE and crank Send and Master to 100 to start, AND the fader at zero.
3 assign your Input(s) to an empty track (Mono or stereo as needed) and arm said track to record.

Both sends behave in identical fashion
With mono to stereo effects, this can expand a source track into 2 stereo tracks similar to a bounce. This might be where you would rather play in the long run.
Send 1 differs from send 2 only in as much as it controls the internal effects

also, you may assign the input to the stereo bus, which causes it to behave the same as the internal effects.
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Hi Folks..

Okay, after using my -24 for the past year(!), I've yet to "figure out" the correct way in which to use external hardware with it! I've recorded over 5 hours worth of "songs" (or what I call songs..LOL) with the deck, and I generally really like it, but in my "hybrid" way of working now, I really want to be able to "effectively" use externals such as compressors, gates, processors, etc. I've periodically been "lucky" in using a Tascam TA1VP, but..very frustrating to me. Yeah, admittedly I'm one of "those guys" who actually started back when a cutting block & tape were the primary methods of editing, so perhaps this really is beyond me (although I suspect it has more to do with relying on the "manual" (ugh..)

Any assistance would be more than greatly appreciated (as of yesterday, confused myself even more by reading the portion that indicates the need to "assign to the stereo bus"!! Ahhhhhgg!!

Hope you all have a great day/week & make tons of music!
Geez, I read the manual, and it didn't seem too bad to me, I mean , I understood what it mean't about t he FX, and its really easy to set up, like the person said in an earlier post, internal FX can only be used for FX-1, this is the first thing I realized, I personally don't use any external FX on FX-2, so I don't care about that, however using FX-1 for me was easier than understanding the insert FX, and recording with FX, which I now understand, one resource that helped me understand the DP-32's FX is the DVD for the DP-24, however you can apply the exact same principals to the DP-32 even though the DVD was specifically made for the DP-24, the DP-24 and DP-32 are have identical FX structures, so learning one is learning the other, for those out there that can't seem to grasp the manual, I would suggest investing in the DVD.

Jimi Jones
Taurean Matador Productions
Hey Jimi :)!

Yeah, actually, I purchased the DVD before I bought the -24. It IS helpful (in what I think is a pretty generalized way, of course..)
Anyway, I use the internal side of effects regularly, and I've never really had an issue there..My point of confusion is using my externals (any of them). Just when I "think" I've got one figured out, it seems that the same "chain" doesn't work the same way on others. I always make certain I'm using the "correct" connections, whether TS, TRS, or XLR, but it's the correct routing that I seem to get confused about. Perhaps my brain just doesn't retain these things properly, but...

Of course, just perusing the threads here & other forums help, and honestly, I'm pretty sure I need to spend more time doing that. I'm just the "bull-headed" guy that wants to "process" something "at the moment", and it's frustrating when I can't:(.

I appreciate the advice, and I'll keep on reading the "real" instructions (i.e.; those provided in the forums by real users) 'til I either "get it" or break something ;).

Take good care...
How to make EFF2 work? I read the above post and still can't figure it out. I just connected by new dbx 266xs Compressor/Gate. What are the precise steps to connect my dbx 266s and work with EFF2. I'm just getting rumbles and feedback loops when I enable record on the Input A channel which is assigned to track 23/24. one 1/4 cable is connected the dbx input and DP24 EFF2 send and the other 1/4 cable is connected to DP24 Input A and dbx output. I have been using EFF1 on a regular basis for reverb. I am baffle to know how EFF2 will work in this arrangement. I can see my dbx LED's respond to the music. Any simple steps tomato EFF2 work is greatly appreciated! What's up Roundhill, glad the pops/clicks are gone!
Patience is a virtue, I did figure how to enable EFF2; thanks for the posts above. I do concur with Marty335 "assign stereo bus" becomes mysterious when you keep pondering what is it for in the DP24, especially when I note the manual does not offer details for using EFF2, who would have known to arm record a track to enable EFF2. Glad the post noted that (VenomB) The more I work with the DP24, I am founding how to work with it better and as stated above you have really have to understand how the "work flow" steps have to be considered. Glad the forum folks mention that. My dbx 266xs is great for enhancing my mix. keep on jamming and recording.
I don't know who directed me to this thread but thank you. I have had a hard time figuring this one out.

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