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Dec 3, 2012
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Hi there, been a while since I posted here and I'm just trying to understand a bit more about the workings of the DM3200, I have been trying to set up an external compressor on the final mix I have been running through my firewire channels and to do this I have been using the aux sends and returns, i.e sending via aux 3+4 and coming back on returns 7+8, I can see the signal going into my compressor and I can hear it coming back on the returns but it's mixed with the firewire channels resulting in a phase sound, how do I set it so that all I hear is what is coming back from the external compressor i.e the returns. If I could hear the signal coming back from the compressor I could simply send them to bus 1+2 and record it to my DAW..... or is there a better way of doing this?

Thanks in advance for any help and please be gentle as I know that I've still got a lot to learn about this desk, especially the routing possiblities

also I should add I have the analog card fitted also so if this means I can do away with using the aux send and returns then that's even better
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I have the analog card fitted also so if this means I can do away with using the aux send and returns then that's even better

In a perfect world, the DM would feature a stereo pair of inserts on the analog Stereo Outs so a compressor could be inserted in the same way as on the 16 inputs. But the best work around for you might be using your annie cards. So, route the stereo bus to an analog output fed into your compressor, then route the compressor's output back to a pair of analog return inputs. From there, assign those inputs to an available stereo pair of faders on the DM; I'd suggest using - say - 40/41. You won't need eq or efx on that return, so the last 8 modules are good for that purpose. To hear the compressed effect of your efforts, solo channels 40/41.

By the way, I'm sure you know there's a built in compressor on the DM's stereo bus. It works quite well, although it's not going to give you the analog 'noise' and 'character' of an outboard comp, but it will save you a D/A to A/D conversion.

Hi CaptDan,

yes that's kind of what I've been doing with the aux send and return, I thought I could just solo the returned channels but it would only play back in mono, I can't seem to solo in stereo no matter what I try, am I missing something?
I can't seem to solo in stereo no matter what I try,

Have you tried actually creating a Stereo Pair? First, you need to understand a basic principal of this mixer: ONLY ODD/EVEN channels can be made a STEREO PAIR!!!!! For example:

1/2 3/4 39/40 41/42.

Please disregard my previous example of 40/41. I only used those numbers to reference the layer array. Apologies if that was confusing.

Next: SELect the left channel, while holding down that left channel's button, SELect the adjacent right channel. A message pops up on the screen: STEREO PAIR- YES? Answer by hitting ENTER.

If all the foregoing is understood, then your SOLO FUNCTION is wrong. In the PREFERENCES menu are the various SOLO types; try SOLO IN PLACE or another flavor until you hear the desired effect.

OK it seems I need to go into the preferences to change that then thanks for the tip, I do understand the pairing of channels so it must be that the SOLO function is set to the wrong setting, thanks again

You could send your final mix to a buss pair and put the compressor on that buss as a soft insert using your send/return I/O (or an analog card) - then assign only that buss pair to the final mix target device....
This is what I do with my analog cards.

But has no one tried the "Inserts" on the last tab in the Routing Window? Very effective!!
Yes indeed - "soft" inserts as per my previous post - I use the aux send / returns and the analog card for soft inserts. It is worth setting up a template with your favourite outboard as soft inserts on the busses.
But has no one tried the "Inserts" on the last tab in the Routing Window? Very effective!!
Of course! Immediately after my DM-4800 arrived I configured my external EQs and compressors as soft inserts.
hi all...would someone please explain how to set up my firewire card for my dm3200.right I just want to mix the tracks/songs that I have in the pc right now.looking for a setup where I can mix with my plugins and with the board..thanks for any info guys.
1. route FW card inputs to DM's channels:
2. route DM's STEREO to pair of FW card's outputs:
3. Route tracks and/or groups(stems) from your DAW to DM's FW card.
4. Create Stereo audio track in DAW
5. Select pair of FW card's channels as input for your track (the same pair you routed STEREO into)
6. Record enable track
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So.. I set up my outboard via (3) IF-AN/DM, but I assign the Comp's and EQ's to busses, the busses are patched specifically for each track. I then return them to the channel inputs (inserts, or line.. depending). Having them on software inserts would be more redundant and quicker.
Jamsire should make another video... they are very good!!

Also, there is def a delay and so if one drum mic goes the DA to AD tranfser through.. whatever, then all the (live drums) have to. The delay is enough to create a phasing sound. When I mix I just run everything out in groups and back. Makes all the difference in the world.
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