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Dec 1, 2014
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I apologize in advance, this question is very basic and probably obvious to most of you. However, I'm pretty new to all this stuff and I'm a little confused about one use of reverb with DP 24. How can I use reverb while I'm recording but not have it print to the track. In other words I just want to add a little bit of ambience when I'm recording and playing back but I don't want to actually print that to the final track, I'd like to add reverb later during the mix down process.


Mike, I don't know FOR CERTAIN that this will help, but...
I also like to have a bit of reverb "in the cans" while recording, but not necessarily on the track or perhaps a different type. What I have done a couple of times: I've set the DYNAMICS to apply X-type (whatever you prefer) reverb to the mic INPUT while recording. Once I've got what I want, I disable the DYNAMIC effect, thereby "nulling" the effect. It HAS worked, whether it's supposed to or not..LOL

I admit that I'm really "groping" my way around the DP-24, as I've had it since May, and I've managed to complete 26 songs (to my satisfaction, anyway), but it IS a challenge to work with! I transitioned from a Fostex VF-160ex, and there have been several times when, to accomplish something one thinks would be "simple", I've actually had to "link" the -160 to the -24...Personally, I don't have many outboard effects, and the limitations of the -24 in this regard sometimes drive me "cuckoo'!

Best of luck!
hey Mike,

You just need to press the "mixer" button next to the screen, go to the effect controls and set them to "post", also crank the master effect volume to 127 or a little less.

then press the "effect" button next to the screen, select a reverb, and turn it "ON" using one of the "F" buttons underneath the screen, i think it's F4.

then select the tracks you want to hear reverb on, and turn the green send effect knobs, it won't record on the track, you can always turn the effect off afterwards..

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