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Dec 12, 2012
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My name is Eric & I've been playing guitar since 1978 - and recording since about then too - first with microphones plugged into a 2 track tape deck - playing it over a stereo & recording myself (and that recording) again to get an over-dub - those were my most prolific days. Eventually, I got a Tascam Porta-one ministudio 4 track tape deck & played the hell out of that - have lots of old recordings. However, I found that the more equipment I got, the less time I spent playing & the more I spent fidling & playing sound engineer. I used to have about 10 guitars - but I gave some away & others broke - so now, I have 5 acoustics and 1 bass - plus keyboards, sound system / mixer / snake / effects etc.. etc... - it piles up. So anyway, I went through a time when I wasn't doing much - but then got back into it when I saw the 2488neo - which i jumped on right away - and now I'm trying to get comfortable in using the 2488neo with respect to recording & mixdown - but as with anything, the more functionality it has, the more there is to learn - so it's exciting - but challenging as well at times.

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