Where are the THOUSANDS of old 788 posts?


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Oct 23, 2013
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788 DP-008
I know the 788 is an old product but, it has always been one of the best sounding units there is. What happened to the thousands of old posts that had the answers to just about any question or problem a member might have in learning to use the 788? Even though I have been using Presonus Studio Pro for a few years now, I dusted off my 788 and came to this forum to get some answers and found about 9 posts and a few replies. Is there anyway to access those old posts? If not the owner or owners of these forums should make them available somehow, (if still around somewhere) maybe in book form and charge for them. Those old forums had some geniuses that could answer anything. New users whom might be younger and more computer illiterate could still use the old forum to help them figure the 788 out.
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The person who has access to the old posts won't give them to us. He is hosting them at tascamforums.co (not .com) and collecting a $4 registration fee from unsuspecting newbies, even though that site is completely dead.

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