Which DAW works best with DM4800/Newbe?


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Nov 30, 2012
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hi, recently bought a DM4800. Had built my room in a room in my garage and read this forum a bit. Seemed like the DM4800 would be a good way to go. I'm going to be doing acoustic and band stuff.

Mainly I want to find out if there are experienced opinions on which DAW works the best with the DM4800 or if there is one or more DAWs that should be avoided.

Thanks for your time.

Most users won't have experience on any and all available DAWs, but most seen in this forum IMO are Cubase and ProTools. Choice of DAW should also be based on features needed and maybe previous experience or even preferred OS..

Audio transfer should be the same anyway, since that's mostly OS/driver based. To use the DM as a control surface, there may be some more involvement between DAWs. In my experience, the DM works flawlessly with Cubase and Wavelab on Win7-64.
Thanks Arjan,

I thought I had read that Pro Tools does not allow full intergration with the DM4800. Am I wrong about that?

I believe that ProTools 9 was the first version to allow the use of hardware other than Digidesign's own stuff. Many here use ProTools 10 with their DMs.
I think just about any DAW will integrate perfectly with your new 4800. I have been a user of Reaper and Adobe Audition 3 for years and they also work well with my 3200. The real key is to get the firewire card...IF-FW/DMMKII.
TascMan said:
The real key is to get the firewire card...IF-FW/DMMKII.
That's a very good point that I failed to mention! Assumed it though.. :cool:
im using the 4800 with protools 10.3.2 on a mountain lion imac and its running well. there were plenty of bumps in the road, several of which were solved here by the great folks on this forum, especially Capt Dan! but in reality unless you have a tape machine or some other external recording hardware besides your daw, you are going to use the mixer primarily to track sessions and then just as a control surface for mixing and mastering in protools. i personally haven't had a lot of reasons to bring tracks back into the mixer after protools for anything other than monitoring, but i don't yet have all the exciting hardware gear that I'm dying to add to my rig.

if anyone has a spare 10 slot chassis 500 series lunchbox filled with channel strips, I have a nice home for them! :)
Been using the with cubase, works great,just installed pro tools, seems to work well so far. I will say that Cubase has a master stereo fader that matched to the master stereo fader on he DM. Also cubase supports the touch to go to the track function and pro tools does not.

So far these are the differences I have found
Thanks for the replies. I'm thinking Protools.

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