Why am I getting latency.


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Nov 9, 2012
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Dm4800 msr16
I'm routing from dm aux 1 out to my patchbay, patched a compressor and returned it to a line in channel ( channel 18). It is basically a parallel compression but thats not what I want, what I want is just to stem a channel with compression back to logic via my patchbay.
So I'm recording it to logic channel 18.
I get everything of logic from channels 25-48, the signal records perfect but on monitoring from layer 2 and on playback from whats recorded the latency is really bad.
What am I doing wrong. Is it best to use the busses somehow.
Logic is set to 64 latency so no issue there.


High combined latency.
If you are tracking here, I would use the compressor on the insert point of your recording channel micpre. I would split the insert send to a second channel's insert return as well if I wanted to record an uncompressed version at the same time.
But -- Is the latency so much less when you just overdub? You might want to check the settings on your DAW for delay compensation, it may be that or how you have your interface set for overdubbing (which you haven't mentioned) - and not the compressor actually.
And - if you are going interface analog out > Dm4800 Analog in > Dm4800 Aux out > compressor > DM4800 analog in - you would have 3 stages of digital conversion going on.
You haven't really given much info for troubleshooting here - but if you realized you needed to do that, you probably would be able to solve this yourself.
Thanks for reply. Tracking via insert is no problem but the problem is I am sending a signal via aux out to compressor then compressor out to dm channel 18 ( logic 18).
Simple enough. But on playback after recording to logic the latency is really bad.

My goal is to stem an effected instrument back to logic but not effect the original.
Should I be using the buss? I can send a signal to the buss easy enough by selecting from the buss section on the left side of the desk. But how do I get the buss to go back into logic.

Thanks for the replies.

I have tried all possible ways and its simple enough. Assign snare to send 8 to patchbay into compressor then back to assign return 8 routed that in the dm to channel 62. It monitors perfect through the dm but when I press record on logic thats when the latency occurs.
Also did same but came back through channel insert 24 same thing it monitors perfectly but when I press record thats when the latency happens. I cant see the problem with logic as it is set at the lowest latency possible.
What am I missing.
I Find Logic to be very ilogical lol, just sayin :) If you set up another track in Logic call it (insert name ) Comp or whatever you like, route your effected signal to that channel via chanel>bus done! or you can use your patchbay to run mults What would be helpful would be screen shots of your routing scheme as well as system specs and patchbay info In regards to the latency you may be sending audio to more than one source I cant say until I see how you have things routed
Cheers D
Thanks for reply. Don't know wat it was I started a new template and all was well.

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