Wishful LCD Thinking Comes to Naught

Gravity Jim

Sep 28, 2012
I had hoped, based on evidence from a sample of one, that DM series LCD screen failure might be a symptom of bad handling in manufacturing or shipping the console. Unless it's the shipping hypothesis, the experiment is a bust: after almost two years, my 3200's first replacement screen is dying. Arrrrgh.

Here's an interesting detail, though... The factory screen began failing six months after being taken off the semi that brought it from CA to IN. This one showed no signs of failure... Until six months nearly to the day after traveling by truck from IN to CA.

At least I won't feel like the back up screen I bought was a belt-and-suspenders waste of coin.
Jim, is it possible that environmentals could be contributing to this defect? I've been lucky for 4 years. My studio is monitored for humidity and the environment is always maintained to not be too dry, too wet or too hot.
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Could be... Although Santa Rosa is much drier and more evenly temperate than Indiana was. I'm blaming the hot, bumpy truck. Since I'm never moving again, let's see how long this one lasts.

This one is failing very rapidly, adding (on average) a new dead line every two days.
Sorry to hear about screen #2, at least you are experienced to replace it. ;-)
Ive taken to leaving my DM powered on 24/7. I wonder if it helps screen life by reducing on/off cycles or if it hurts screen life through some decay.
Curious if there is a warranty on the replacements?? You said "almost" 2 years ago you replaced the original LCD.. that's not long at all!
Oh, bad news, sorry to hear about it. I'll be turning to full 2Seemy use if my replacement screen starts failing.. Found a nice 8" little monitor that I'll be using when the day comes - if it comes, since we don't know why some LCDs fail and others don't.
I've no spacefor a third monitor, so 2SeeMy isn't a real option. Besides, I don't use the LCD enough to warrant having that ugly 8-bit display up big all the time... the built-in screen seems big enough to me.
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Yeah, Jim - I seriously doubt your studio environment is the problem. I think you just got another screen that was in 'that' batch with the others. Who knows? Maybe Tascam purchased several hundred of a series of screens done on a day when the factory ordered a 34 hour work schedule - nonstop.:idea:

In any event, my screen still honks along after 5 years. (I think I may've jinxed something. :) ).

There are so many used DM3200's on eBay selling with bad screens. It's such a shame this was a weak link and even more that a more reliable drop-in isn't possible either. I love my 2seemy card however I don't use it to replace the LCD entirely. My eyes still want to use the LCD for when I am doing configuration changes and such and the only time I am using the 2seemy card is for meter display (which is often).
Be that as it may, I'll stick my fat neck out - the main reason you see so many DMs on ePay isn't because of the screens. Although they may've been the final straw, the mixers are on the auction block because their owners just couldn't figure out how to use them.

Example: an established jazz pianist, producer, and composer using Logic (who was a Forum member in the 'early days' - pre 2009), eventually gave up admitting: ".....I can't get my head around this board, and I'm just going to do everything in the box with Logic and be done with it...."

If a smart (though impatient) dude like that threw in the towel, it's a good bet that a lot of newbies are done before they start. Unless, of course, they check in here first. :)

I wasn't implying that the LCD's were the reason for owners selling them. My point was that I am surprised to see many of the ones being sold having LCD issues. Many of these owners state they have enjoyed and used the DM for many years so I don't believe they were frustrated and that's the driving force for parting with them nor do I believe the failed LCD's were the main driving factors either. Downsizing or upgrading could very well be the real reason. To Dan's point, there are many frustrated ownerd that flip them for sale after a few weeks of frustration.
these owners state they have enjoyed and used the DM for many years

Having sold several things on ePay over the years, I must admit that 'ad copy' (plus really good pix), and the right pricing are the three things that sell product.

It's not about dishonesty, it's about 'plussing' the info in a pleasing and attractive manner. Much better than saying: "Look! I'm sure this is a fine piece of kit! But it's more than I need, and well over my head anyway." :)

To Dan's point, there are many frustrated ownerd that flip them for sale after a few weeks of frustration.

Thanks for (partly) agreeing with me. :)
PS: I'm just being argumentative. Pay me no mind. o_O

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Well, the backup slid right in with 30 minutes work, just as before, and works perfectly. Now, if this one lasts five years, I'll have to conclude that moving the console in a big, hot truck is the culprit.... even if that conclusion is wrong. :)

Still think I'll probably order one to keep in stock before the year is up.
Well, hopefully the new screen will be problem free for years. I still suspect that a bad batch of screens happened. Mine is 7 years old and still chugging along. So - they don't all fail early, it seems.

But nothing wrong with having a spare; I should add one to my inventory too. :)

I know some of you guys have replaced these screens more than once. Would any of you be so kind to draft documentation on how to perform this replacement? We could then ask the Moderators to make it a sticky.
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That would be nice as I've got one that's on its way out... Of course, I'm assuming everyone's issues with the LCD start off with added horizontal lines? Mine started with one about a 6 months ago, now it has so many its almost impossible to read. Luckily, my settings for day to day use are stored and I pretty much only use the DM-4800 right now for its AD converters and as a Logic controller.
Unfortunately we lost 2 forum members who had done this procedure already. Has anyone else done it that can document the procedure?
Well, I'm known to tinker. If the LCD gets any worse I'll probably do a hands-on replacement tutorial :)
It should be mentioned, the LCD is one of the ONLY parts Tascam sells for its products and has on its website... so its obviously a known issue.
Even though both my units have the 2seeme card I'm going to buy a spare. The 2nd dm3200 I got last month came with a line and what sucks is that the previous owner just replaced the LCD last July and the line showed up 7 months after installation. If this was a car, it would have recalled and replaced with a better part.
I did replace the LCD in my DM, and at the same time installed the 2Seemy kit. I just followed the 2Seemy tutorial on their site, and with the mixer opened it is really easy to simply remove the 4 screws, replace the LCD and attach the screws again. I believe there was another PCB mounted on the LCD assy that needs to be removed and installed back in place again.

All in all it's a really simple job - disconnecting all cables, removing the mixer and reconnecting everything again was actually the biggest part of my job.

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