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Jan 23, 2013
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Haven't used my 2488 for almost a year after getting ProTools.

Been thinking of using my 2488 again for mobile recording & also to work on new songs. Like a Scratch Pad. Fast easy & portable.

I can always export to Pro Tools if need be.

Best of both worlds.

Hope everyone is well & will be stopping in more often. Are any of the Guys here from the early days?

Merry Christmas & Happy Holidays,

Your old pal,

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Sadly I think the forum is a mere shadow of it's former glory - well this section at least. Don't see many of the older faces here at all. I only pop in occasionally. Having said that it is good to see the 2488 is still getting used to create music - I haven't used mine properly for ages.

Merry Xmas and all that to you... :D

Too bad. This was a great Forum back in the day. A lot of cool People w/xlnt knowledge of Recording & all things Music.

I accidentally stumbled upon the newly resurrected Forum. Maybe nobody knows? A friendly Email from the Mods might bring this back to life??

Merry Christmas,

We don't have the email list from the old site, it's being held hostage by whoever is holding on to the old database. Otherwise an email would have gone out, of course.

That being said, the new forum is doing well and acquiring members at a good pace. You are always welcome to help get the word out on other forums and sites.
Will be happy to.

Do you have an email address for Dr. Who the Originator of this Forum?
No, it's been a while since he passed away.
I didn't know. Oh man sorry to hear. Such a tragic Accident. May he RIP.

Hi Lucky,
I remember you from the old forum. We had Soundchaser59, MaryLea, Teysha...god, I wish we had their e-mails so we could let them know about this new site.
And big props to Bruce Heidorn (Dr. Who) who really gave a lot of himself to keep the old forum going.
I'm glad this forum is still here. I'm new to the dp32 but not new to recording.
I just discovered it recently myself....used to spend a great deal of time on the original board, especially when my old 2488 was new. I learned a great deal there, and then tried to pay it back by helping new folks that came on board later. My name there was pbassbob, and I actually still use the cover I got from Bruce for the 2488 as a dust cover on my DP-24.
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We had Soundchaser59, MaryLea, Teysha...god, I wish we had their e-mails so we could let them know about this new site.

Hi Cosmic, if you still have access to the .co site, you can probably contact those folks with a private message.
I tried to use their PMs on the old site, but it won't let me in. I guess the functionality is down to page access. We'll see; maybe others have some info on past members.

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