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Dec 21, 2013
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Apologies in advance because I know this is the most common issue with the DM 4800 - but I am at my wits end.

I have set the desk up religiously according to the routing instructions in the big routing setup document (DM4800/Sonar).

At present, I can get two channel playback from the master out of Sonar X1 through the desk and the CD drive in the PC also plays back fine through the desk - coming in on channels 17/18.

I can also get signal into the DM 4800 from the mic and line inputs on channels 1-16.

When I try to generate a new project, I can see the full list of inputs and outputs from the firewire card. However, I simply cannot seem to get signal from the DM 4800 into Sonar.

Perhaps there are other controls on the desk I need to use, but any help or advice would be greatly appreciated.

Gear summary - DM 4800 with Firewire Card in Slot 1, Sonar X1 running on Windows XP.

You have to go to the "Output Slot" tab in the Routing window and go to the Slot 1 selection on the lower right, then on the left - put in the sources you want to feed to Sonar.

So in slots 1-8 on the left side of that window, you would use M/L 1-8 to send the inputs from those channels to Sonar.

You make source selection on the far right of the screen with pod #4, then, use the cursor to select one of the source slots on the left and then use the jog shuttle wheel.

The quicker way is to simply go to the Batch Select at the bottom of the Slot 1 Source select and with the same jog shuttle wheel - make consecutive 1-8, 9-16 selections.

Try it. It's how it;s done. Make sure you have a signal ready to heard in Sonar (make sure your track is record enabled).


I'll give that a whirl when I get home and see if it works.
For me, one of the most insightful guides to routing was from CaptDan.

He really got to the heart of the matter.
He explained the reasons why routing on the DM mixers is so cryptic for many users.
DM Routing 'Zen'

There is so much routing power under the hood.
Just about anything can be done.

Whenever I'm stuck, I just dig in and seek the solution.
It is always there.

Thanks to the Capt and all of the helpful folks here.
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Thanks for the help so far. Unfortunately no success so I'll try to describe what I've done and what hasn't worked.

I have my 24 mic/line inputs routed in sequence i.e. M/L one is going to channel one and so on. All my inputs show up on their correct channels and output to the stereo buss.

Regarding the output slot screen, I've tried routing this as per the setup guide - that says use ALL as the source select and route SLOT 1 to the Buss/Dirs etc. This does not produce any input in Sonar for me.

I've also tried Selecting SLOT 1 in the INPUT BYPASS and the relevant M/Ls in the Output select - this doesn'twor either.

Finally, I reverted to SOURCE/SELECT ALL and tried with with the M/Ls in the OUTPUT SELECT - no joy there either.

I do have my tracks armed / record enabled.

"I've also tried Selecting SLOT 1 in the INPUT BYPASS and the relevant M/Ls in the Output select - this doesn'twor either."

Sounds like you may have a routing issue with Sonar.

Maybe someone familiar with Sonar can assist?

Thanks again for the help. I managed to get the routing sorted this morning.

For what its worth, the setup that worked is as follows:

OUTPUT SELECE - SLOT 1 routed to the relevant M/Ls as per the

I think where I was going wrong is not selecting SLOT 1 in the SOURCE SELECT Field of the INPUT TAB.

I did a quick test recording this afternoon and the desk sounds great - much better than my previous Mackie 1604.

Thanks again for the help.
The input tab controls signal into the mixer; output tab is the gateway (in this case firewire) outboard to your DAW. From what you described before, you weren't getting signal in Sonar. However, if you've got it all working to your satisfaction, you should save the setup to a file or snapshot so you'll have a template for future projects.

The DM consoles sound as good as anything in their price range and arguably at least as good as anything twice that. I'll go so far to say that with a good room, solid tracking methods, and excellent front end (mics, etc), they sound as good as anything - period. Plus, they're incredibly flexible devices, lending themselves to a wide spectrum of applications. Unbeatable for the money, IMO.


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