2488 neo-everything lost!!!


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Oct 31, 2012
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neo 2488
had mastered several songs and was in the process of burning a cd when cd ejected and everything went blank. now- everything is gone!!!! all titles, everything. when i go to disk screen i have the 3 partitions. 1 & 2 say 32760 mb of free space and 3 says-2578. any thoughts on how to get my data back??? very frustrating. tascam has not responded to my questions.
I see you got good help. I'm beginning to think this forum is dead as a rock.
It's what you make it.....
Personally I find it very interesting.
I know that's very frustating! I bet your CD burner's drive needs repair. Mine did. I had to send mine back to Tascam and get them to fix it.

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