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Oct 22, 2012
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A very good tutorial DVD can be found at http://tascam.com/store/2488dvd/. I purchased a copy of this one for myself. Unfortunately, my home was flooded on may 2nd 2010 and, among the many things we lost, I lost my DVD. I asked the company if they could replace it for me but they said that I would just have to repurchase it. Well I wish I could afford to do that but I cannot. If anyone has that DVD and would be willing to make a copy for me I would be so grateful.
Michael, sorry to hear about your home. Unfortunately, we can't assist with distributing copies of copyrighted material, especially since the DVD is actively marketed and sold by TASCAM.
thats mesxsed up man, if they have a record of you buyng it they should only charge you for shipping and be glad you didnt make a zillion copies to avoid the the problem and you asking anyone after they said no is not out of line at all compared to making you buy a new one just becasue the plastic went bad. Just my two cents
As I recall, Tascam sells the instructional DVD, but another company produced it and derives income from it. I wouldn't expect that any retailer would be in a position to simply make copies of another company's copyrighted material based on having a record of a customer purchasing a copy. And yes, asking for a copy from someone who has it is out of line because no one here knows for sure that he purchased it. The forum can't really place itself in a position of being accused of being a conduit for illegal activities.
Thank you guys for your posts. I thought and therein lies the problem. Like I said, "worth a try". I am a man of integrity and never meant to promote anything illegal. I will add this, I feel sure that all concerned, retailer, producer, carrier or whoever should have no problem replacing a .50 cent DVD when it is a matter of record that I did buy the DVD. But it comes down to charity. Some are more charitable than others. I am ready to leave this idea. I will be buying the DVD again because I like the idea of being taught how to use my Tascam from a video. I may not even find anything on the DVD that I haven't learned already but I want the DVD because it was one thing I lost during the flood that I CAN replace. Thanks guys.
zombie thread, I bought a used 2488. I can't find the dvd for sale anymore, has Tascam made it available digitally? Happy to pay for it, just can't find it

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