4800 not controlling reaper


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May 28, 2013
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Hi there I have just had to rebuild my pc and I am having trouble getting my Dm 4800 to control my Daw software which is Reaper.
With the rebuild of the pc I have had to add a fire wire card as the new mother board did not come with Fire wire.
The Pc and the mixer tell me that the fire wire connection is locked in but the faders and control panel are not responding to the software.
Any help would be greatly appreciated.
DM's FireWire card is only for audio (and FW card's MIDI connections). DM talks control surface protocol via USB.
Thank you Jarno for pointing me in the right direction.

I have connection to the faders but not the transport controls

The issue that I am having now is a window keeps pops up and tells me that midi port number 5 will not open .

Any Ideas as two what be causing this?

Thank you
Bigrstudio said:
but not the transport controls
Have you added an appropriate device into MACHILE CONTROL LIST (andactivated it) in the REMOTE/MACHINE CTRL.

Bigrstudio said:
midi port number 5 will not open .
Who is giving this information? Reaper?

Usually these kinds of messages indicate that some other software is using the port already. Don't know the cause of this because
1. Don't know your system
2. Don't know much about Reaper
Hi everyone thank you for your help I got it sorted.
Much appreciated


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