788 high quality recordings


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Apr 27, 2014
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Hi, i found a 788 for cheap and i wonder how it will perform as recorder/player only(i already own a bunch of pres).
I tried looking for demoes but found only few samples.
Is it capable of a fidelity recording or is too outdated?
I wonder if someone can post (or know where i can listen) some samples.
Check my Sound Cloud page. Most of the samples there are recorded using my midied 788's and some other outboard gear. I think the quality matches that of most of the recent offerings from Tascam if not better. What the 788 lacks in available tracks it makes up in spades for sound quality. The ability to slave them together plus the fact that there are a lot of dedicated cd burners available on ebay as well as 788's being sold for cheap, it is an excellent choice for a "working musicians" stand alone studio. Here's a link to my music done with the 788


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