Anyone mixing or working with surround?


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Oct 19, 2012
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I've got a 3200 and was wondering how others were working with surround environments. It appears the controls for this seem very difficult to work with. Ie, no panner joystick, etc. I'm asking as I was thinking of doing an experimental sound project in 4.1 (LF, RF, LR, RR, and LFE), which would require automating surround panning. Does anyone have any experience with this? Are there external joystick controllers that could be used with the DM for this type of work?

Thanks for any insight.
See p90 of the Owner's Manual - you can use the pods or the cursor keys or shift-jump keys. Not as snazzy as a joystick I agree.
Thanks for the suggestions. I guess I will have to experiment. I guess if the panner controls do not have any MIDI/Sysex controls then it would be impossible. Though I thought that surround panning could be automated. Perhaps thats dedicated to the DM's own 'language' and automation.
I use the surround card with 3 x protools, 2 x native instruments and logic 5.1 stems coming into the Dm3200 assigned to the SurrBuss. All channel pans and levels are set and forget as everything is automated via protools/logic. I can mute/solo individual 5.1 stems as they are all setup in the link/groups page. They all have the same channel order so when I am in layer 1 - 24 I can see what is going to each channel. I can monitor the whole mix in 2.0 or what ever I need via the down mix button. Bass management etc is done via Genelec DSP. So I am probably not using the functions as intended (really as a 5.1 router/summer) but it works for me. In relation to the above question - no I dont use a joystick for surr panning as much of the work I am doing doesnt need it. hope that is interesting for anyone reading. Thanks

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